Zayn Malik Finds Leonardo DiCaprio with Gigi Hadid, feels jealous!

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Zayn Malik Finds Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid’s Possible Relationship “Upsetting”

Zayn and gigi

According to an EXCLUSIVE insider, Zayn Malik “would want another opportunity” with Gigi Hadid and the idea of another man possibly stepping in the way of that bothers him.

The relationship between Zayn, 29, and Gigi, 27, terminated permanently after Zayn got into a violent argument with Gigi’s mother in late 2021.

Zayn malik

The insider revealed that Gigi is flattered by Leo’s advances but isn’t looking to jump into anything serious immediately. But she’s playing it very cool.

Another insider provided a comparable update on Gigi’s perspective on the circumstance. People keep telling her what a catch he is. She isn’t wholly dismissive of the thought of dating him, but it’s just not where her mind is at right now.

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