The XPS 13 Plus or the MacBook?

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Still Confused The XPS 13 Plus or the MacBook?

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An article is better than a video review – trust me, and read it till the end. 

The headphone jack, function keys on keyboards, and ports on laptops have all been eliminated by Apple in the past, and they’re no longer afraid to remove features to achieve that simple and minimal vibe with the new XPS 13 plus. Dell also wanted something that was clean and minimal, but since they’re engineers, they may be either completely incapable of doing so or they might be either absolutely capable of doing it. 

However, the first thing you might notice when you pop it open is that there is no trackpad. It is kind of like an invisible trackpad, and while it is still perfectly functional, there is no longer anything like a visible sign as to where the trackpad is.


The function keys at the top of the keyboard have also been removed, and they have been replaced with a row of capacitive buttons. The first comparison you might make is that it resembles the touch bar on Apple’s MacBook, which was removed after four or five years, and the devil is now saying, “Give me that, I want to use it in this thing.” The keyboard has also been changed to a peculiar, minimalist boxy keyboard, and the entire keyboard deck is made of glass. Because their engineers did all those crazy things I mentioned earlier, they were able to maintain a superthin profile on this device; it is only a fraction of a millimetre thicker than the XPS 13, but it has significantly better thermal performance. This represents a fantastic improvement over the previous generation.

The XPS 13 Plus or the MacBook

There is a lot to discuss about this device, but I’ll start with the trackpad. I’ve reviewed a few laptops on this channel, and every laptop I’ve ever touched has had a trackpad, so it’s strange to see one without one. It honestly feels like David Blaine has left the room, leaving you with this smooth glass surface. However, gorilla glass has a really nice feel to it; it almost has the soft-touch rubber feel.

The XPS 13 Plus or the MacBook

It is backlit and will adjust its brightness and contrast automatically based on the surrounding conditions, but I was unable to find a way to completely turn off the lighting. Nevertheless, it isn’t overly bright. Now, the reason that these capacitive buttons even exist is for both aesthetic and thermal reasons; thus, supposedly by using these buttons in place of a conventional keyboard, they were able to save two millimetres of height on the inside.

The XPS 13 Plus or the MacBook

I thought it would take longer for me to get used to this because I’ve previously typed on other laptops, such as gaming laptops, with a different mechanism but this style of keycap, and I’ve never liked those but this one I like it There are four speakers on this device, two of which are up front and the other two are down front, and I believe these are the best sounding 13-inch Windows laptop speakers I’ve heard; they’re quite good, not as good as the macbooks but they

So if that’s what you want to do, you can connect it to an external GPU. There are two screens I was able to check out: a full HD panel, which is my favourite of the bunch because it has bright, great colours, and full HD is still really sharp on a 13-inch device like this; and a three and a half k oled panel, which is the most vibrant of the bunch because it has punchy colours and pure black due to oled technology.

I do give them respect, though, for what they were trying to accomplish here like the simple or easy way to have done this but like the lazy way. It’s like it’s an XPS 13, but with some heavy apple vibes coming off of it. The regular trackpad was removed, the function keys were removed, a bunch of ports were removed until there were only two left, and the headphone jack was removed.

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