What lies below a thriller mystery movie

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I’ll describe the mystery-thriller movie “what lies underneath.” Warning: spoilers ahead; proceed with caution.

Liberty Wells, a 16-year-old high school student, reads frequently while at summer camp.

She is reading a book on a bench when a little child snaps a photo of him without asking, which prompts her to yell and confront him.

Soon after her mother Michelle picks her up, Tommy pays attention to the person she seems to have a crush on.

Libby appears engaged with reading her book despite her mother’s attempts to speak with her.

Michelle tries to make Libby smile by turning on the radio.

But she only becomes irritated when she accuses Libby of having a crush on Tommy, which she vehemently rejects.

They pause midway on their peaceful return ride as Michelle allows her daughter to do it.

Libby claims she can manage to drive the automobile even though her mother is first concerned about her abilities.

She nearly runs into a tree as they drive slowly after spotting a for sale sign on their home.

She says that it’s for her college expenses because money is now scarce.

when asked about the new watch her mother is sporting, she responds that it was a gift.

When they eventually get home safely, Michelle introduces John as her new lover, and Libby meets him for the first time.

She opens the box when he gives her a present for the first time after emerging from the water.

He describes the bracelet’s history and decides to give it to her because it has the Navajo tribe’s stone of life.

offer it to her because she likes archaeology Libby smiles hesitantly and thanks.

She searches her room for a look that she believes will please John.

She changes into a blue dress and goes downstairs to greet John as they are getting ready for supper.

He reaches into the cabinet and she catches a peek of him.

Michelle notes that Libby is dressed differently that night and gives her a comment on how nice she looks.

Libby inquires about their meeting out of curiosity, and her mother responds that generally speaking

John, who had been writing on the porch, has now emerged. He identifies himself as an aquatic geneticist.

He works with a team of researchers studying freshwater species to find solutions to issues in the natural world.

The two women watch as he continues to show his research using two glasses of water and ice.

She listens intently, feeling drawn to John, and finds herself twisting her hair as he speaks.

John coughs heavily after eating a piece of produce, precisely like her mother, as Michelle approaches.

After apologising to him, Libby hugs him and he touches her on the shoulder.

grins at her, which gives her a strange and perplexing feeling. She has trouble falling asleep that night.

She walks downstairs to get a drink from the fridge since she is so bothered by John’s touch, but

When she hears what appears to be her mother making out with John in her bedroom, she peeks in.

via a little opening at the bottom of the door, but when someone approaches, she quickly returns to her chamber.

Consequently, she even forgets to shut her door when John goes by and looks at her.

the following morning, libby wakes up after pretending to sleep and discovers her mother and John in the kitchen.

When she quickly enters the room when they are enjoying a moment, Michelle informs her that the three

She informs her mother that they will be going on a trek and that August 28 is a significant day.

instead of going outdoors together, they should spend more time together.

Using a gardening shovel, Libby creates a hole in a neighbouring tree where she discovers cans.

She opens a tin can marked with the names of her family members and slips a message inside after kissing it.

She gives her mother a tin can, but her mother doesn’t put anything in it. This makes Libby upset.

She informs her that Michelle never gave a damn about anything, as Libby does every year.

Michelle reveals that she does this to place letters in the cans that are for her family members.

After her family argued, she stopped writing letters because she felt undesired as a youngster.

When Libby picks up a pebble and chooses to take a walk, a centipede creeps on her.

she becomes alarmed by this and nearly walks on it, but jon prevents her by stating that

Libby claims that the insect bit her, but Jon identifies it as a rare type of centipede called the Scala Pendra.

As he raises a piece of wood that reveals more creatures, he thinks that it is merely attempting to protect its young.

He delicately blows the centipede bite mark on her hand after she shows him the mark.

He reassures her that even though the poisonous bite was painful, she will be OK.

a talk while walking by a nearby lake, John expresses regret to Libby for interfering with their

During a mother-daughter conversation, she argues that it would be best if he left, but she objects and tells him that

Libby walks to her mother’s room, where she finds her suffering from a stomachache, and tells him to remain at home.

She expresses regret to her mother for her prior actions, and Michelle also expresses regret for saying

She discloses too much of their personal issues, yet they reconcile and accept each other’s forgiveness.

Libby is also informed by Michelle that John and she intend to be married.

Libby claims that she wants them to be content, but there is one thing about it that clearly bothers her.

is that Michelle is actually 42 years old, but John thinks she is 35 because he doesn’t know her real age.

Libby conducts further research on the scolopendras, a particular species of centipede, using her laptop.

Seeing John arrive at the home after jogging through her window, she sneaks a glance at him taking off his

after working out, she sits down on her bed to warm herself and notices the bracelet that John gave her.

She carefully considers it before deciding to offer him a drink. She then knocks on the basement shop.

John doesn’t react, so she enters to view the location of his research and study.

When John begs Libby to switch off her flashlight after hearing her in the utterly black cellar, she does so.

gives him a Coke when he sees him holding a red signal, but he politely rejects because soda contains sodium.

for him, so he sends her to work instead where he maintains lampreys in large tanks.

These ancient, still-living, jawless fish have been around for millions of years.

Lampreys are parasitic, can adapt to their hosts, and have an unequalled rate of survival.

He talks further about the fish with Libby, who seemed interested in the subject as much as John.

When Libby inquires about the marriage proposal that John made to her mother, John replies that Michelle is extremely

They intend to obtain additional samples now that they know she finds them exceptional and that they are both quite content together.

Libby queries John about using an inflatable raft to cross the river after leaving the lake.

As he paddles, he reaches for a cage he uses to collect samples and faces questions about his background.

Libby is asked to support his legs as he extends his arms. They discuss Libby’s college intentions at this time.

When her period suddenly arrives and blood leaks through, you can tell how passionate she is about archaeology.

John swiftly responds by covering the raft with his shirt; this frightens and humiliates Libby.

Nonetheless, John also expresses regret for his actions as the awkwardness of the situation increases.

After they returned home, Libby had a shower and took off the bracelet, which was painful for her.

John checks on her and knocks, but she doesn’t answer, and Libby is beginning to worry.

Despite having a strange feeling for him, she ignores his inquiries until she hears the door open.

While Libby is taking a shower, John sneaks into the bathroom and smells her.

He also smells the shirt that was being used to conceal the curtain as though he is still yearning for her.

Libby’s blood in the raft alerts her to the presence of a person inside the restroom, which she examines.

she checks on her mother to see if she is feeling better, but john arrives outside just in time.

but as soon as Michelle enters the room, John offers her a back massage.

She shuts the door after seeing her have an intense look. Libby tries to enter the cellar but it is locked.

She tries to enter it from outside, but all of the house’s light sources are shut off.

She attempts to call her closest friend Marley because she thinks john is hiding something, but the receptionist is unavailable.

being shaky, she attempts to contact Marley on her laptop to ask her over, but Marley refuses.

Libby replies that her mother is getting married when she asks if there is a problem and states that she is unable to go.

Libby, a freak of nature, answers the door to find that Jon has prepared a lunch for her.

A red light wakes her up, and she decides to walk to make up for the uncomfortable scenario at the lake that night.

John is seen strolling toward the red light coming from the lake as she turns to her window to investigate its source.

When the light turns off as John is submerged in the water, Libby panics and becomes perplexed about

When she can’t get her mother to respond, she walks to the lake to tell her what she observed.

When she questions him about what she saw, he claims he has sleepwalking and denies it.

Unpersuaded, Livy leaves. The next day, Michelle phones her.

Upon finding her mother vomiting in the toilet, Michelle appears to be quite ill, so

She requests that Libby drive her to the pharmacy so she may pick up some medications for a pregnancy test.

Since she does not yet have a licence, Libby proposes that they contact an ambulance instead.

John is out for his regular jogs and won’t be back for at least an hour, so Libby wonders where he is.

Her mom’s anguish increases, leaving her little choice but to head to the drugstore immediately.

she observes Jon walking beside another lady and attempts to follow them, but the cashier stops her since she failed to

When Libby returns home, she finds Marley waiting for her in the living room and goes right over.

While she is in the room, she finds it really uncomfortable for her mother to give her some medicine.

Before departing, John promises that Michelle will be taken care of while she continues to relax.

offers her a threatening smile and tells Libby he thinks Jon is attractive and is excited to talk about him.

Libby describes what she witnessed last night at the lake, including how Jon grabbed her and the unsettling feeling.

Libby asks whether Marley may spend the night despite the fact that she has a meeting to go to.

After hearing Libby’s confessions, her father Marley becomes enraged, and she promises to let him know

Libby tries to listen in on the chat even though Michelle is aware of Jon’s improper behaviour.

While waiting for Marley to descend, she is unable to hear anything and instead falls asleep.

She gets out of bed and goes to the living room where John and Michelle are viewing old videos of Libya.

When young Michelle informs Libby that she is pregnant, Libby seems unimpressed, and young Michelle is unhappy.

She reacts by being enraged with Libby for always making bad remarks about the males.

When Jon assures her that it’s okay and gives her a hug while grinning at Michelle, she relaxes.

Libby pushes her mother away from him as his eyes distort, and Michelle smacks her daughter out of the room.

Jon is extremely disappointed when Libby discloses the true age of her mother, which causes him to get enraged.

He starts to leave the room, but Michelle stops him, and his demeanour changes.

That same night, libby, the mother and daughter were still fighting in the living room.

the home by remaining in the living room as a guard after hearing pounding noises from above

she explores the home since she is very interested and walks outdoors to see if there is anything on the roof.

She shines the beam at the noises and scans the water for any evidence of John.

She searches everywhere but discovers nothing, and then she hears John and Michelle kissing in their bedroom.

She peeks inside and observes John’s body distorted, as if something were going on beneath his skin.

They are nowhere to be seen when she returns after checking on them after going to her room.

When Libby visits the lake, she discovers what appears to be a spacecraft in the water.

To get a closer look at it, she turns on the car’s light, but she doesn’t remember to set the parking brake.

She switches on the light on high beam so that the car is partially buried in water.

discovers that it is in fact where the red light originated, supporting her assumption that Jon is not

She attempts to phone Marley for assistance but receives a ringtone that appears to be from the basement.

She can see symbols on her wrist because of the blue light coming from the bracelet.

she observes her mother chained with half of her body immersed in a tank in the picture John sent her.

Once she becomes aware, Michelle notices the identical markings on her mother’s wrist and the basement walls.

Jon panics and descends, but his feet are completely different from any other species.

As soon as he transforms back into a human, he checks on Michelle, who is clearly in pain, and

woman gives birth to what appears to be a monster identical to John while making alien-like screeches.

Jon is devastated when it does not live, so he walks outdoors and tries to resuscitate the creature.

In order to see John, Libby scrapes a portion of the window. She observes him transmitting a blue light to

She keeps trying to remove Michelle from the tank as the monster is using his mouth, libby.

Seeing Marley’s phone, she closes the door and hears the beast growling outside the cellar.

When contacts 9-1-1 to request assistance, she discovers a gadget that prevents the signal from functioning in their home.

John grows increasingly irritated and assumes his actual self as he attempts to talk to Libby so that he may enter.

Libby panics and destroys the gadget as John uses his hand to break the window.

even more alarmed when, while hiding behind the desk John grabs, she observes Marley being devoured by lampreys.

He tries to strangle her, flicking his long, animal-like tongue out of his lips, but she manages to resist.

a bucket of salt on him, which appears to be John’s weakness, and she extricates Michelle from the situation.

During Tank’s unconsciousness, Michelle begs Libby for forgiveness for not believing in her as a

While they attempt to flee and run away, her mother drops to the ground, slowing them down.

places a sack over Libby’s head, and when she awakens, she is bound to clones of herself in a subterranean location.

Libby screams as john begins to materialise and slams the room’s walls, uncovering further dead victims in tanks.

When one of the clones approaches her out of pain and fear, a blue orb is transmitted.

John pushes Libby to swallow it despite her protests; this knocks her unconscious.

Having fallen asleep once more, she awakens with rashes covering her face and discovers that she is confined in

She grows restless when more bodies are placed in a tank with a diamond form, and finally panics.

As the tank fills with water, Libby smiles bizarrely.

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