Numerous artists have come and gone from the Pokémon Trading Card Game throughout the years.

The artwork on the cards was created by around 175 different persons, some of whom only ever created one piece and others who made hundreds.

Heck, since 1999's Base Set, the initial set of Pokémon cards, Ken Sugimori has produced 966 of them.

With 188 cards to her credit, Yuka Morii stands out among them for me because of her distinctive method of taking pictures of little clay model Pokémon in the outdoors.

Her Caterpie from the Neo Discovery set, along with Omanyte, Kabuto, and Corsola

Is a famous photo that established a style that has been an essential component of the TCG ever since.

The Wonder Tag ability of Tapu Lele GX, a once-powerful mainstay in the meta standard and expanded decks introduced by the Sun & Moon

Guardians Rising expansion, gave players an exploitable advantage

By enabling them to get a Supporter card from their decks for nothing. Due to the demand from competitive players

Who wanted to include at least one of them, its worth increased.