Niantic has celebrated Fashion Week

Credits: Niantic

with a costume-themed celebration for the past three years,

Credits: Niantic

beginning of today, Fashion Week 2022

in Pokémon GO is continuing that tradition.

Credits: Niantic

preparing us in the game

Credits: Niantic

Mareanie for the excitement of Halloween 2022 Bonuses,

Credits: Niantic

Featured Pokemon, and More

Credits: Niantic

This year's Fashion Week continues until October 3

and is your first opportunity to capture

Mareanie as well as newly dressed Dugtrio, Absol, and other Pokemon.

In addition, the game will include new avatar accessories and stickers,

as well as research missions centred around upcoming events.

Furfrou will be made accessible in its Shiny version when it is released!

Date and time: Monday, October 3, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. local time, to today, Tuesday, September 27, 2022.