Fans are encouraged to begin voting for the greatest player in the OWL for 2022

Now that the nominees for this year's MVPs are out.

Both visiting the OWL website and casting a vote.

There as well as sending your vote on Twitter are acceptable methods of voting.

Players may use the #OWLMVP hashtag to vote for the MVP candidate on Twitter

By entering their name or Twitter handle.

Players may vote for Kevin "Kevster" Persson, for instance, by tweeting #OWLMVP Kevster

Or the same hashtag along with their Twitter account.

The voting percentage consists of 25% votes from fans and 75% votes from a mix of OWL teams, broadcast talent, and media.

Whoever receives the most votes will get an MVP patch on their jersey for the 2023 season.

The winner is usually revealed midway in the playoffs.