Are the Arsenal championship favourites? When they face Liverpool the following week, I'll be able to respond to that query.

It serves no use to win a crucial game and then lose the next one

Arsenal's loss to Manchester United

Has left them with two crucial games to win.

The news that Ben White was left off the England team really stunned me.

He can play three positions, which might be beneficial to Gareth Southgate.

When White defends the right side for Arsenal.

Kieran Tierney can charge forward and the team effectively uses a back three.

There is no need to alter what has so far worked successfully for Mikel Arteta.

Both of these clubs should reasonably hope for a top-four finish with Manchester City in the championship battle.

Brentford was completely destroyed by Arsenal in their last game.

They will win this one thanks to playing at home.

Arsenal will likely defeat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1.