Fortnite is a game that you play with your friends online

In a battle royale mode against opponents online.

If you don't know what Rule 34 is

It states that anything can be sexualized, including children's games, and Fortnite is a children's game.

I'll grant you that it takes talent to create something like that

But why would you waste your talent on something like rule 34 of a kid's game?

I'm sorry, but nobody is proud of your work

There is nothing sexual about Fortnite aside from the girl skins, and you guessed it, they sexualized the girl skins.

Fortnite is now almost completely dead, you're the reason why.

people actually like rule 34, and those are the people who ruin the entire game community.

The people who create rule 34 are the reason why the gaming community is dying out