Here are a few of the items available in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass:

Paradigm- Outfit Lunar Hyperjet – Back Bling

Para-Dive – Contrail Paradigm Shift – Wrap

Paradigm’s Ascension – Loading Screen Lunar Defender – Harvesting Tool

Bytes- Outfit Chromestruck Fire – Glider Stinger Pack – Back Bling

The Nothing’s Gift – Harvesting Tool Hot Slurp Balloon – Glider

Grrizzly Gooper – Harvesting Tool Grriz – Outfit Fishbone Flayer – Harvesting Tool

Laser Focused – Emote Rose Light Daggers – Harvesting Tool Bun Bun Bang Ban – Back Bling

Twyn- Outfit Arachrobatics – Emote

Gwen’s Spiderchute – Glider Meanwhile – Back Bling (Reactive) Spider-Gwen