Pac-Man turned 42 in 2022.

One of the easiest and most well-known video games is Pacman, despite its simplicity.

A simple Pacman game from the past is the best even in 2022

Ever wonder how the game Pacman began?

The most well-known arcade game ever was created by Namco, who are given credit for it.

In those days, one man could develop a game on his own; can you picture doing that now?

Iwatani designed the game in a short period of 18 months.

This peculiar name describes the sound made when the mouth swiftly opens and closes.

The game was completed in under 18 months and released under the name "Puck Man."

Weirdly, it failed to become a great hit following its release in Japan.

However, In the US, nothing like had ever been released, it was on top of the list.

In the US, it was renamed Pac-Man, and it immediately became popular.

Remember, we're talking about arcades here, not consoles. This was followed by Atari.