1 — For the first time, a South Korean manufacturer will provide the iPhone 14's front-facing camera.

2 — Apple may make major changes to the iPhone 14 selfie camera.

3 — The iPhone 14 will include a 'high-end' front-facing camera with autofocus.

4 — Apple's subpar selfie camera on the iPhone 14 might be improved to "high-end."

5 — Apple's iPhone 14 Lineup Will Include 'High-End' Front Camera Systems.

6 — The front-facing camera on Apple's 'high-end' iPhone 14 will cost three times as much.

 The iPhone 14 will include a more expensive "high-end" front-facing camera

with autofocus, built in South Korea for the first time.

Apple allegedly rejected a Chinese application in favour of LG Innotek

a South Korean company, to supply the front-facing camera for the iPhone 14 with Sharp of Japan.