Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined

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Despite how much mankind has advanced in the field of science there are still a lot of things we haven’t uncovered in this world there are a lot of questions about the past and the future that are still unanswered even today there are certain things that we aren’t meant to see in this world but man’s curiosity is unquenchable and so let’s dive into things that should have remained in the dark from tree pollen to the breathing forest here are 15 things humans were never meant to see.

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15 amazing creepy things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined seeing in a lifetime.

Tree Pollen (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)



If you have allergies then you might want to get your medicine ready at first there’s really nothing wrong with this photo that is until the tree starts to fall down and it leaves a cloud of pollen in the shape of the original tree in its wake a few seconds later the cloud of pollen begins to fall down and it’s all an allergy nightmare from there it’s quite surprising to see a pine tree release a huge puff of pollen forming an ominous yellow cloud.

Waters Meeting  (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


If you haven’t seen this yet you might think that this is an edited photo of a body of water this is actually the Fraser river delta just in front of Vancouver bc and Canada these two bodies of water meet but they never actually mix there is really a noticeable line where each body of water meets now the reason behind this can easily be explained by science basically this invisible water barrier exists because of the difference in temperature salinity and density between the fresh and saltwater the river water from the Fraser river basically flows into the ocean water of the strait of Georgia it’s really amazing to see the partition between these two bodies of water one part of the water is greenish and murky while the other is dark and blue.

Whale sleeping (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)

whale sleeping

One of the most majestic creatures to exist in this world are the giant sperm whales we know a lot of things about them through research however their sleeping habit is one of the most curious things about these creatures it’s definitely a surreal sight to seethem napping seeing a pod of sperm whales is also incredibly rare whales only spend about seven per cent of their day napping which is around 10 to15 minutes each time these divers justso happen to chance upon a pot of while snapping together peacefully whales actually sleep vertically it’s quitebizarre to see them floating upright motionless in the ocean this state of wales is actually called drift divingwhales are actually never really fullyasleep they usually sleep with half oftheir brains still active to preventthemselves from drowning and to helpthem easily soar upwards to breatheremember whales are still mammals.

Moose Walking On Water  (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


In this next article you’ll see something that’s quite magical just take a look at how this moose is effortlessly running across open water it seems like this creature really defied the laws of gravity it’s really not every day that you get to witness a sight this bizarre if a video wasn’t taken when this happened no one will probably believe however it seems that what’s happening in the video isn’t really what it is the moose isn’t actually running on the surface of the water after all its quite hard for a large and heavy animal like the moose to easily float on top of water the video is more of an optical illusion some boats can easily traverse on shallow water and so this huge moose is probably doing the exact same it seems like because of the moose’s height he appears to be running on the surface of the water when in reality he’s just stepping on the riverbed underneath guess we’re going to have to wait for another walking on water miracle to show up.

Light House (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


Did you know that way back when there were people that risked their lives justto guide ships and boats in the middleof the ocean a lighthouse keeping job isn’t really something for the weak-hearted sure we have seen lighthouses before but do you reallyknow just what unfolds in the middle ofthe ocean waves more than 15 feet relentlessly slam on the lighthouse as alighthouse keeper you need to maintain everything inside the structure and make sure that the lens and light areperfectly functional of course you don’tneed to worry while you’re inside the structure but seeing as some lighthouses are located in the middle of roughwaters it’s very bad news if you everencounter a fatal error while you’re out in the ocean historically light house keepers used to have been a business anda duty passed down from generation to generation within families imagine waking up and opening your door and you immediately see a huge wave threatening to wash you away of course that’s way back when our technology was still acking now there are automatedlighthouses and so there are fewerlighthouse keepers in the industry the profession may have declined but thisalso means that less people need tosacrifice themselves for thistreacherous job.

Aokigahara Forest (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


The forest is one of the most well-known locations in japan however the reason it’s so well known isn’t good this forbidden forest with lush beautiful trees may look amazing at first glance but this forest holds many tragic and lamentable stories the forest of aokigahara has become a famous spot for people that want to take their own lives since the 1950s the amount of deaths in the forest have been rising at an increasing rate in 2010 the local police recorded more than 200people attempting to take their own lives in the forest because of that there are many remnants littered across the forest belonging to the people who attempted to claim their very own livesit’s not forbidden to go to aokigahara however, there are some portions where visitors aren’t allowed to enter becauseit’s easy to get lost in the maze oftrees in the forest it’s dubbed as the sea of trees there are some signs encouraging people to live such as signsreading your life is a precious gift from your parents or please consult someone to stop people from claimingtheir own lives however these efforts still fail to prevent some deaths in thearea.

Door To Hell (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


Did you know that you can visit the doors of hell this right here is a giant crater nicknamed the gates of hell this 230-foot crater has been on fire for more than 50 years now this location is called the Darwaza gas crater but locals prefer to call the crater as the gates of hell the burning fire inside the crater can be seen from miles away the formation of this hole isn’t natural at all however it was actually man-made and created when a soviet drilling rig accidentally punctured a giant natural gas cavern underground this caused the ground to collapse and the entire drilling rig fell into thehole this caused toxic fumes leaking at a rapid rate and this ignited a fire at first the people thought that the fire would cease to exist within a few weeksbut a few months have passed then months turned into years and even today the fire in the village of Darwaza still rages on however as of january 2022 the president of turkmenistan has ordered the government to begin researching how to put the fire of the gates of hell toan end even so people still trick up thevillage to witness the fire.

Danakil Depression (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


There are really some places here on earth where nature seems to work differently this right here is the Danakil depression found in the northern part of the afar triangle in Ethiopia this is a geological depression caused by the divergence of the three tectonic plates in the horn of Africa depression is basically a drainage basin that normally retains water think of it like a river or an ocean but there’s no drainage for the water to escape the Danakil depression is renowned as the hottest place on the planet and its environment has the weirdest and mostwonderful habitats it has salt lakeslava lakes volcanoes and acidic springs you would really think that the Danakil depression is an environment that’s out of this world one of the most notable things in the Danakil depression are the remains of lucy way back in 1974.

lucy is an early ancestor of modern humans and the remains date from way back to 3.2 million years the extreme environment in the depression is a paradise for researchers trying to study extremophiles which are microorganisms that can survive in almost any temperature ph or any environment in general, what’s more, is that this depression right here gives important details about the possibilities of early life on mars

Tank Decoys (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


world war one and world war ii marks the darkest and most tragic years in the history of mankind many secrets have been buried as the war passed on during-day there was a deception which was codenamed operation fortitude and it was also part of a bigger deception strategy called operation bodyguard fortitude had two parts the first is the fortitude north which was meant to deceive the germans into thinking that the allies will attack on Norway mean while fortitude south was to convince the germans that the allies would attack the northeast of Normandy to accomplish this operation they had to employ inflatable dummy tanks yes you heard that right among the powerful tanks in the worldwar are inflatable dummies these decoys made the germans think that the allies had more tanks than them prior to d-daythis technique had also been previously employed in north africa in the years1941-1942in the beginning these decoys were only made of wooden shells and inflatable props but soon after these decoys were developed to be able to imitate heat signatures making them more effective on fooling the enemies.

Blood Fallsin (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


The frigid white paradise ofantarctica is a curious geologic oddity hidden in the snow this is the bloodfalls which is considered to be one ofthe world’s strangest phenomena it’squite ironic that the blood falls existin a large glacier known as the taylorglacier it produces a blood red river ofwater that makes the ground looks likeit’s actually bleeding for the longesttime researchers are baffled as to whythe blood falls exist and many believethat red algae caused the discolorationin the water however as time passed byand more research was done this doesn’tseem to be the case after thoroughresearch and with the help of advancedimaging scientists were able to reveal acomplex network of sub-glacial riversand a sub-glacial lake which is filledwith brine high in iron that causes thewater to have a blood-red discoloration.

Ocean on Fire (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)

Screenshot 2022-08-30 203947

Pic: Screenshot/Liam Young/Twitter

Did you ever imagine that the ocean canbe set on fire well just last year afire was set ablaze in the gulf ofmexico a huge eye of fire was seen frommiles away in the ocean of mexico’syucatan peninsula the bright orangeflames raged on for hours before it wasfully extinguished now you might bethinking just how did the fire start thefire erupted because of the failure ofan underwater pipeline in the offshoreoil and gas rig located near the areathe pipe was apparently corroded which caused gas to bubble up to the surfaceand ignite man may have advanced in manyways but even today we’re still lookingfor ways to make everything saferhowever we can’t deny that sometimesman-made structures and technology areharming our very own biodiversityand now it’s time for today’s picksecrecy is sometimes needed andnecessary especially if you’re governinga body of a nation state or a community all across the world there areorganizations dedicated to developingspace programs and the exact detail ofthese projects are usually well guardedthese materials are highly classifiedinformation when this photo surfaced onthe internet a few years ago manytheorized that the government hadacquired an alien technology well noteverything we see on the internet istrue however you can’t deny the factthat there really are some secretorganizations out there that aregatekeeping precious information for thesafety of the public.

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Blue Lava (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


This is something straight out of a science fiction movie this is blue lava also known as apibiru this is known as blue fire or sulfur fire just as its name suggests this phenomenon occurs when sulfur burns because of this the sulfur creates a lava-like flame that has anelectric blue colour now i might have called this lava before but don’t get me wrong again this is nothing but as a sulphuric flame that appears like lava most of these fires have been seen on Indonesia’s kawa even volcano where they burn almost regularly this location is also famous for sulfur mining because of this it’s also known as the blue volcano.

Truly this location isn’t meant for any human to see the flames might be beautiful in a sight to behold during night time the only time they’re visible they might be beautiful but it’s common knowledge that volcanic gases are actually deadly and fun fact did you know that actual lava the one with a red-orange colour only is about 700 to1250 degrees celsius in temperature if blue lava were truly to exist on earth then it would require for the lava to be at least 6000 degrees celsius which is significantly hotter than any lava you can naturally find here on earth.

Glowing Water (Things that Humans Could Never Have Imagined)


If you think you’ve seen almost all the wonders of the world then think again because until you’ve seen ocean waves glowing so brightly you still haven’t seen everything the world has to offer glowing waves are seen in a few oceans across the world this site is definitely wonder to behold these glowing waves are caused by bioluminescence in the water from algae blooms they usually glow when they are distributed by a huge wave breaking or a huge splash these are only visible during the night nature can truly be stunning but it can also be deadly these algae blooms are usually tied to red tides a phenomenon wherein the water in the ocean turns red because of the large concentration of toxins released by the blooms red tides can be extremely dangerous for the marine creatures around the area clam fishes are also inedible during red tides because they might contain toxins that can lead to food poisoning

Fleas Emerging From The Sand


Let me warn you if you have tryptophobiaor if you easily get squeamish then youjust might want to avoid this next entry this image shows a rare sight hundreds to thousands of seafleasemerging from the sand these tiny creatures are actually flesh-eating tiny crustaceans they mostly feed on dead marine animals such as fish crabs seabirds and of course the occasional whale carcass that they find you’veprobably come across them while you’re out on the beach before they usually stay in the sand or in the shallowwaters and they usually leave youfeeling itchy they’re pretty small so they’re hard to spot they can range fromhalf to one centimeter these creaturesaren’t really venomous and so you don’tneed to worry about them however therehas been one instance where a teenager emerged from the water with his footcovered in blood the main suspects were these tiny ocean fleas a huge swarm ofsea fleas can easily cut through human skin especially if you’re just standingstill on the beach after all they feedon diseased flesh on the seabed so justkeep moving to make sure that these tiny carnivorous creatures won’t be able to hold onto your feet and nibble on them.

Breathing Forest

This image shows just how wonderful nature can be nature is full of life and this further proved that this footage shows a breathing forest the forest floor is rising up and down so gently that it resembles a breathing human, the video immediately went viral and many people were astounded while some were creeped out.

Many commented that nature seemed to be heaving caused by man’s selfish and greedy activities deforestation and urbanization resulting in the destruction of forests and natural habitats, however, there’s actually a perfectly sensible explanation behind the “breathing” phenomena and it’s actually quite simple the trees were simply being swayed by the extremely powerful winds and the root system of the trees underneath the ground caused the forest floor to rise up and down causing this phenomenon.

If I witnessed this phenomenon in person i’d probably be so surprised at first i’d probably be too stunned to speak, what can I say the breathing motion is just too believable.

Which of these entries did you find the most intriguing do you know of any otherthings in this world that you think humans were never meant to see let usknow about your thoughts in the comments down below also check out our other cool stuff showing up on the screen right now and I’ll see you in the next article.

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