The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

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Hey everyone, let’s examine the power of the Subconscious Mind. Let’s contrast your mind with the computer, the most complex machine ever developed by humans. Nowadays, a typical computer can store over 250 000 photographs, 20,000 songs, and hundreds of full-length videos on a device the size of my finger. This is crazy, but let’s compare that to your mind.

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Unbeknownst to you, your mind is capable of doing an estimated ten quadrillion operations each second. Appropriate now, consider what causes your blood to circulate through your veins at just the right pressure to keep you alive. What is currently beating your heart? Are you currently telling your heart to beat consciously? No. What keeps your body’s core temperature at the ideal level to ensure your survival? Your 60 trillion cells are being subjected to six trillion operations every second. It is referred to as your subconscious mind.

This is the centre of your identity. Your subconscious mind is capable of many things, and even your cat and puppy have it, but it is only capable of one thing, which has the power to either assist you to attract positive things into your life or to utterly ruin your health. What is it incapable of, exactly? It is unable to differentiate between an actual event and something you are just thinking about. Sounds really absurd, right? What transpires during a nightmare? You awaken with your heart racing, perspiring, and uncontrollable anxiety. The nightmare was real to you.


Your mind was unaware that you were in no actual danger at all. Your body responded as though the nightmare were actually happening by changing how you felt. A professional skier who was an elite athlete was connected up to a machine that measured the athlete’s muscle fibres as part of a study. He instructed the skier to simply imagine skiing down a hill without exerting any physical effort. The act of thinking about skiing down the hill actually caused the same muscle fibres to fire off from thoughts as they would have if he had been skiing. The placebo effect has repeatedly been used to show this.

Group A is given a prescription for a pharmaceutical medicine that has been FDA-approved and is intended to treat the sickness they are experiencing.

Group B receives a sugar pill, believing it to be real medicine, although having the same condition. Both populations are cured.

In fact, a study involving two groups experiencing the same degenerative knee condition was published in the New England journal of medicine. Group A underwent surgery to examine the knee and treat the disorder’s symptoms. With the family’s approval, Group B underwent a placebo (false) operation with the illusion that it was a real procedure.

There were only three tiny incisions made in the kneecap, but no actual surgery was done. The procedure was deemed a success by both groups. In reality, according to a study, the placebo effect, which occurs when patients believe a treatment will work, accounts for at least one-third of all medical treatments, including surgery. The nocebo effect is another concept that most people are unaware of. The placebo effect is basically the opposite of this.

Instead of preventing disease, the mind causes it. That describes a hypochondriac. They suffer the symptoms of the sickness because they think they’re going to get it. Bottom line: Whatever belief you hold in your subconscious mind will manifest into your life. This is how hypnosis functions. The notion is planted in the subject’s subconscious by the hypnotist, and whatever is stored there is experienced by the subject. When someone believes they have a spider on their arm, their eyes actually detect one there.

A remarkable demonstration happens when the hypnotist approaches his patient while holding out his finger. He explains to the subject that his finger is scorching and heated. A blister actually forms where the hypnotist’s finger contacted the victim as they are being gently touched on the arm. Understanding this is important for all forms of healing. Free will as we currently understand it is essentially unreal. In reality, you only choose what to do two to four per cent of the time.

The choice is actually made by you.

You’re on autopilot 96% to 98% of the time, so you don’t. 96% to 98 per cent of the time, your subconscious mind is in charge of your choices. You don’t trust me? Are you an ice cream fan? If you do, quit enjoying it by snapping your fingers. Do you enjoy sports viewing? Stop savouring it by snapping your fingers. Not at all. Every want, desire, and action we have is almost always the result of subconscious beliefs that are firmly ingrained in the recesses of our minds. We are drawn to things in life that are primarily in the back of our subconscious brains. What occurs when you purchase a new vehicle? For the following 2.5 weeks, it is the only automobile you see on the road. Before purchasing your car, you saw all those other vehicles, so why didn’t any of them catch your attention? Considering that you didn’t buy the car yourself. You weren’t contemplating it yourself, though. You attract in life what you keep in your head.

That is how subliminal advertising functions so well. They are prohibited as a form of advertising in more than ten nations because of how well they perform. What then shapes your subconscious mind, since what you store in the back of your mind shapes your reality? Your subconscious mind is shaped by practically everything you are exposed to, including everything you hear, smell, taste, and feel. Let’s examine some details regarding television. Here’s a spooky statistic. An estimated 8000 simulated murders on TV have been seen by the time a child completes elementary school. Don’t let Hollywood or cartoons fool you; they are all resurfacing in their minds as they watch these highly brutal situations. Extremely bright individuals behind the creation of seemingly innocent children’s cartoons are embedding violence into their minds during a child’s most formative years, when they should be teaching them compassion and understanding. Be not deceived. What music are you hearing on the radio? Every single word or idea you think has its own unique vibrational frequency. Positive words have higher vibrational frequencies than negative words or intents, which have slower vibrational frequencies. The song in question is “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Some song lyrics are, “You can have my drama. You want to be ugly?

I desire your illness.

I desire a horrible romance.” Our minds are what make us. We need to be very cautious about what we feed our minds. Although it might be lovely and helpful, music can sometimes be harmful to your health. Choose carefully. When I was a child, Mario and Luigi jumping over turtles’ heads constituted the majority of the violence in video games. Today, our youth play games like these. Their immune systems are being weakened and their health is being adversely affected enormously and gradually as a result of these horrifying, incredibly graphic images burrowing into the recesses of their subconscious minds. No one is claiming that playing these games will make them go out and shoot someone, but their health is being impacted. There is no question in any way.

What results from gossip? You must carry a bad memory or a bad concept about in your head in order to gossip. Not only do you consider that unpleasant recollection, but you also discuss it with the person you’re speaking with. When you think negatively, your brain’s biochemistry changes, releasing the stress hormone cortisol into your blood, which weakens your immune system, prevent your white blood cells from doing their job, raise your risk of infection and even encourages weight gain.

All are based on your ideas and rumour.

Remember, you can’t gossip without harming yourself.

The things you let into your head, though, are the most significant things you can expose yourself to.

We have, on average, 60000 thoughts per day, and the truth is that not only are most of them repeats of yesterday’s thoughts, but they are also unfavourable ones, either focusing on the worst aspects of the pastor or fearing what can happen in the future.

We release the stress hormone cortisol into our bloodstream as soon as we have these negative thoughts. Our minds are what make us. The majority of people think that certain circumstances make them anxious, stressed out, or sad. This is the situation. There is not a single circumstance in the entire universe that has the power to make someone feel anxious.

Your psychological response to the circumstance, not the circumstance itself, may make you feel anxious. It is essential to comprehend this. Why does the brain of one skydiver produce endorphins, the feel-good chemical, into their blood while the brain of the other releases cortisol? The circumstance is the same. How is it that one individual’s companionship can excite one person while causing tension in another? This is due to the fact that anxiety is always a result of how one responds to a circumstance. Anxiety is something you create, not a circumstance. You recognise that you manage your anxiety, not a scenario, when you fully, fundamentally comprehend this concept. It’s one of the most empowering emotions you’ll ever feel. It is yours to take away if you make it.

Your life is dictated by your thoughts. Your thoughts are what you create, so select them carefully. God’s Bless.

Please do share this with your friends and family!  keep it Schwifty!

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