Chris Pratt stars in a Super Mario “remake” for the Nintendo Switch.

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A Nintendo enthusiast wanted to create a realistic Super Mario Bros. recreation, and they just updated it with a movie-style trailer that they shared on YouTube.

Super Mario "remake" featuring Chris Pratt for Nintendo switch
Super Mario bros movie cast/Image rotten tomatoes

The YouTuber began work on the remake more than two months ago and has since released footage to the Re-Imagined Games channel.

With no prior expertise in video game production, they had to study Unreal Engine 5 in order to make the game.

Super Mario “remake” featuring Chris Pratt for Nintendo switch.

Re-Imagined Games published a cinematic trailer for the remake and some gameplay video earlier this week.
Pretty much everything in this game has been developed from scratch, including the 3D model of Chris Pratt, custom assets with a gritty aesthetic for the “realism”, as well as a bespoke character model and animations for Pratt motions.

io’s More insights about their learning process may be seen in this video from July.
Their next update will feature Jack Black as Bowser, and after that a playable Charlie Day as Luigi is planned.

I hope they continue to have fun as they learn and add more to the game, as that fact truly comes through when you watch their videos and witness the game’s evolution.

Re-Imagined Games indicated that they are thrilled about the forthcoming animated feature. Since Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jack Black would be appearing in the realistic Mushroom Kingdom, the announcement of the movie served as inspiration for the digital artist to learn how to create video games using Unreal Engine. Respect.

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