Roger Federer has announced his retirement.

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In the match’s finale, Roger Federer competes in the Laver Cup against Grand Slam winners as his last match.

Roger Federer has announced his retirement.

Federer declared

“Age-wise, I am 41. Over the course of 24 years, I have participated in over 1500 games.

I’ve been treated more kindly by tennis than I ever could have imagined, but now I have to decide whether to call it quits on my competitive career.” (Roger Federer has announced his retirement.)

Federer stated that he still plans to play tennis, “but not in Grand Slams or on the circuit.”

Nadal tweeted

“I wish this day would have never occurred,” expressing a similar emotion.

Roger Federer is the champion of champions. He boasts the most well-rounded game of his generation and has won the hearts of sports fans all over the world because to his incredible court quickness and sharp tennis mind.

In his statement on Thursday, Roger Federer addressed his rivals and said, “I was fortunate enough to play so many spectacular matches that I will never forget.


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