Q Money found guilty, in the 2019 shooting

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A Cleveland rapper who rose to stardom in 2018, was convicted Q Money found guilty of killing a guy who was allegedly his buddy in Georgia in 2019.
A prisoner since the spring of 2019, Q Money.

Q Money found guilty, in 2019 shooting
Q Money found guilty|Image credits: Getty Images

Before turning himself to police, Q—real name Qamar Williams—was accused of shooting Chappell, 24, in the side of the head in his Decatur, Georgia, residence.

A guy, who was also an aspiring rapper, claimed to have seen Q standing over Chappell’s body.

The man allegedly questioned Q about what he did, to which the “Better Than Me” songwriter allegedly responded by repeatedly stuttering “I.”

Before ejecting Q from the building, the man fetched his roommate and took the revolver out of his hand. According to reports, the building had security cameras that apparently recorded much of the conversation.

As a result of him reportedly shooting Calvin Alexander Chappell to death in a Decatur, Georgia, residence.

Since then, Q Money has been charged with murder.

According to reports, the incident happened on April 15, 2019.

After the incident, Chappell’s cousin was alerted by witnesses and was able to obtain the revolver from Q Money.

Shell casings and weapons were discovered, and he was allegedly standing over Chappell’s corpse when she died.

Now that Q Money has been found guilty in this case by a jury,

Charges include two charges of felony murder, one count each of aggravated assault and malice murder, one count each of firearm possession while on duty and possession of a firearm by a felon in possession of a handgun. Q Money will be sentenced formally the next week.

Q Money and Chappell were buddies, hence it is stated that Q Money knew Chappell. In fact, they shared a house together before the tragic shooting. Many believe the TIG rapper may spend his entire life in prison if found guilty. Q Since then, Money has spoken out and defended his claim of self-defense.

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