Pastor Grabs Neck Of Women In Church During Sunday Service

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Bishop Lamor Whitehead ‘grabs lady by the neck during service’ before officers handcuff him. (Pastor Grabs Neck Of Women In Church)

Whitehead, 44, is stopped by a lady from the audience before
grabbing her by the neck and pushing her out of the screen.

pastor grabs neck of women
(Pastor Grabs Neck Of Women In Church)/Credit: Getty Images
pastor grabs neck of women

After that, the pastor moved her out of the way.

Credits: Getty Images/yahoo
The preacher, dressed in a Dior suit, was arrested and released two hours later.

During his live broadcast sermon, the pastor defended himself for the alleged violent altercation, stating that the woman and an unnamed male were sent in to disrupt his service.

Bishop Whitehead attempted to overhear the lady throughout the video, but the anonymous congregant continued yelling louder. 

The woman can be seen strolling past the pulpit later in the video, as though she is approaching someone off-camera. 

That’s when Whitehead charged the woman, seizing her by the neck and forcing her out of the picture.

“Go over here, go over here,” he tells the woman in the video.

”Grab her out.”

He could later be heard telling her off-screen: “Press whatever charges if you want, you’re not going to come in my space. I feel threatened.”
After the woman was gone, Bishop Whitehead resumed his preaching as if nothing had happened.

Bishop stated, “The NYPD failed me today and failed my church.”

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