Light Phone 2 – Minimalist Dumb Phone

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The minimalist dumb phone Light Phone 2

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Therefore, last month I stopped using

my I phone and choose to test this strange

small dumb phone, and there is a

I really adore this phone, and it also kind of

It type of nearly destroyed my life, so allow

let me elaborate on it.

Consequently, this is the light bone and actually a


stupid phone with a simple design, it has this

It has a nice e-ink display similar to a kindle.

thankfully constrained feature set, and I

would claim that in theory, this is my dream phone

conceptual sense, and that will be the

important for this lite phone 2 review

as there are certain issues, i’m

I’m going to go through some of the

the lite phone 2’s characteristics that provide it

What I found most impressive about it was that

What I truly disliked about it was also

and the reason I’m not utilising it right now.

it any longer, but initially you might

wondering why someone would want a stupid

initial phone call like who on earth

wants a phone similar to this, but the

primary justification for switching to a stupid

Because they are sick of the, phone

due to their smartphone’s and the

applications available

If you wish to be more mindful, try

to be more accessible to the citizens of

either your life or just wish to recover

A brief shift of attention to a cell phone might

be a fantastic choice so that you’re

tempted to constantly check your phone

because, trust me, there isn’t much you can do.

can perform on this phone, proving that it

no desire to look at this dull stuff

screen, but allow me to share some of

the characteristics and shortcomings of the

What type of attracted me to the lite phone 2?

starting to want to purchase this item

and yes, I did purchase this on my own.

money I’m not being paid to evaluate this.

No one provided me a sample, and I sincerely

had been curious in trying one of these

a long time, so I purchased one and these.

are genuinely what I think about it.

what drew me to the lite phone 2 in particular

was the underlying tenet there are

Other dreadful phones are available, otherwise I won’t

determine whether they still use this functionality.

but many of them still have

access to constrained social media

You may use media applications or the internet to

such things as they very

designed this phone specifically to prevent

you can use the internet or applications.

By looking at it, you can see that they’ve

considered which characteristics are useful

in a phone, but not in a way that’s bothersome.

They have been somewhat brutal with those.


So let’s discuss the actual gadget.

First, as I indicated, it features an e-ink display.

so that if you have anything like a kindle

You’ll recognise it as being that dark object.

white display that occasionally flickers

It does not behave like when it is on and off.

an LCD display on your smartphone or tablet

The computer is easy to use, as is the phone.

has a speaker and a headphone as well.

speaker phone jack for use with calls

You may listen to podcasts or music.

the built-in speaker, and it’s

It’s not the highest quality, but it’s rather loud.

the headphone jack and the item you’ll hear

so that you may place calls or play music

In a similar manner, the light phone 2 operates.

sport Bluetooth functionality to

use Bluetooth headphones to listen,

through a speaker, a nice song

One benefit of this is that you can

even though there is connectivity with it

neither a browser nor

applications on this site that link to

if your provider offers data, the internet

enables tethering, so you may use it


Imagine that you are at the airport and you

all you need is a PC or an iPad.

You become aware that you must send a prompt

Use email or the internet to communicate.

Do it.

so that you aren’t completely without;

only because you have access to

I think both of them would be very helpful.

particularly if you’re travelling abroad

The lite phone 2 is compatible with most major

carriers have guidelines on how to

To set it up with any of those you must first

can request a sim card while making a purchase.

once you’ve used the phone, one of

their own initiatives, which allegedly succeed

extremely good based on comments from Reddit

were claiming that an optional

You can acquire a case for the phone, so

of this rubbery object

It’s okay, even if I paid more for it.

as a result of my desire to keep my


Okay, so let’s discuss the

qualities of this phone like what does it

actualize and refrain from

Therefore, when you initially turn it on, it is quite

minimally, all you have is a phone.

text and a menu with options

It’s done.

and you may access their online dashboard

can more I’m not sure what they

a call to a module, screen, or option

but the phone and texting device still functions

Okay, you can make calls, you can

It was incredibly simple to import my texts

Contacts from iCloud took a mere second.

the opportunity to do so through their online

portal and the text input was complete

is quite demanding on the ink display.

if you’ve ever used a Kindle to take notes.

possess knowledge about and expertise with that, so

Yes, sending a text is more difficult than it

is to use an iPhone to tap it out, but

For me, that’s really the entire idea.

I wanted to cut back on my phone use so that I

send texts, but I won’t use up all my money

I spend a lot of time texting because

obtrusive additional features you activate are a

simple calculator that you may use

podcasts and music so you may upload

Adding music on your phone is optional.

didn’t even attempt this, but I did

use the podcast function, which lets you

the podcasts you subscribe to will be updated

to your phone, then download them as

things become accessible so that you can hear

on the fly and one of the most convenient

latest features that they introduced are

the turn-by-turn gps system that was the

The one thing preventing me from

purchasing one of these earlier

It functions reasonably well, but only if you’re

You can locate your way home in a pinch.

most of the time and most recently using the gps

yet, there is also a lot of alarm.

People use their smartphones as alarm clocks.

You may use the light to make a clock.

also a phone, so that is really

with regards to its characteristics, however I wish to

Next, focus on the absence of characteristics.

what are the past events

intentionally omitted are its characteristics

things are omitted on purpose and that

The Light Phone 2 is excellent.

On their website, they discuss the

a few things you don’t receive when you receive

The surveillance capitalism of a light phone

and that’s what the whole point is,

the economics of attention to this notion

They are keeping an eye on you and buying your

data obtained from your social media accounts

everything has access to the internet

Your phone is in your hand.

If privacy and security are important to you,

A fantastic conscientious user light phone

a viable solution for you since you

lock it down so that nobody can see what

what you’re doing and what it is that you do

and they’re determined never to

social networking applications that never click

never having news feeds for bait items

honestly simply anything like that

worrying you about your phone or

It is attempting to distract you

Away from you, the phone is completely useless.

moreover, it is likely one of the few really

that you can actually purchase are dumb phones

and apply this again on a contemporary network

is based on their own description;

indicated that it is intended for little use.

a phone as much and I adore that

should not be used as a tool.

anything that holds us captive, and that is

basically how I feel about my

iPhone was evolving into what it once was.

I wasn’t, you know, using it on me.

After overcoming my first fear and

I stopped simply doing it all the time.

search for and often check my phone

A few minutes later, I did discover myself

leaving this phone alone in different rooms,

just putting it out of mind since it’s

It is not thrilling and won’t make you less bored.

your phone can, and that’s all I’m saying

that it fulfilled its promise to you

Use this phone exclusively for essential purposes.

It serves no entertainment value.

which is our  “gadget

smartphones” are essentially only used for

fun whenever I feel like it with my

iPhone is comparable to this little medicine

that is ready to shoo any away at all times

any indication that I could be becoming bored

something keeps my mind from going deep.

from reading as frequently as I once did, yet

This item makes you concentrate; it makes you

You’ll become bored

and therefore get a real life experience

A little bit extra, in my opinion, is worthwhile.

sticker cost

if the procedure

was little better, but let’s first discuss

then discuss the suggested retail price

I’ll share some of the things I found enjoyable.

I didn’t like some of the items, thus


Therefore, the item’s price is 299 dollars. and

Yes, that does seem like a lot to ask of

a phone with limited capabilities

things to keep in mind are these

phones are a pretty specialised good, so

They aren’t producing much of them the

firm is, as far as I can tell, quite

they are just selling a little amount of

just a very small number of these to

those who are insane like me, and perhaps you if

This essay is being read by you, and it actually

is frequently a high-end dumb phone.

When you consider a dumb phone, you

Oh, it will resemble some what is

the least expensive phone available in the business

That will be the worst phone ever.

Not the cheapest phone available, this

is true, but

It is superior to inexpensive dumb phones.

because it’s well-considered and

well-written, I believe I truly enjoy the

I like the form factor.

I have it in my hand and pocket.

it’s a decent tiny phone as opposed to

Considering it in terms of what

I considered the phone’s features.

in terms of what I was actually thinking about it

returning in particular, my focus and

focus, which was at least something to me.


Now let’s discuss what I adore.

the fact that this phone has a

essentially shared throughout, however they

are kind of my summary ideas.

I adore how basic this phone is.

I adore the principle behind this phone.

because it is really intent on carrying out one

just being a thing that isn’t distracting you

one of the amusing things about phones

when I initially received this, I was, um

still trying to constantly check it

as I did with my previous phone, you know

only the habit persisted, even when

I would be in the restroom.

if I hadn’t been scrolling social media

media, or something like

When I opened this, there was

nothing to do, thus I was left with nothing to do.

basically performing calculations on the

Calculator for entertainment only

Therefore, it was successful in terms of

overcoming another phone addiction

The ink was one of my favourite aspects.

I was drawn to the show because of it.

I’ll start by saying that I adore my Kindle.

E-ink technology is amazing, in my opinion.

great, I like how straightforward it is.

such that it doesn’t even require backlighting

Despite the fact that this phone has a backlight

If you wish, you can switch on.

However, there are some restrictions and

Let’s change the subject there; I’m going to

to discuss with you what I did not enjoy

regarding this phone, the battery life


To this

like horrible

and I wondered if they were even there.

marketed this but I believe I just

considering that my Kindle is still

billed for about two to three weeks

I’ve occasionally wondered if this battery life

going to resemble my old-fashioned clunkers, you

Remember yours from back then, assuming you had one.

you didn’t have to use one of these stupid phones.

some of them would charge it every night

go for 2 to 3 days without being charged, thus I

I anticipated that would be the case with

I was unable to go since this was not the case.

a full day without this thing dying

and that simply seems absurd to me.

I’ve read reports today claiming that

maybe as a result of my inadequate coverage

I only saw one or two in my region, where I live.

two bars, so you can determine when your

Phone appears to be looking for a signal.

something consumes more battery, ok, I’ll do that.

for that one, take the l, but they did

a Reddit survey and

The majority of individuals claimed that it was brief.

maximum of two days for them

I am not the only one experiencing this, thus

It seems like a huge flaw, don’t you think?

I’m not sure if I understand why it’s this way.

I can change it in any way, but

experiencing a middle-of-the-road phone failure

that’s basically a non-starter for the day.

Another item for me was a big problem.

I will occasionally take

maybe establish accountability for this

something was off, or perhaps I didn’t

grasp how it operated, I was unable to


I’m not sure whether this is meant to work on this.

your voicemail to alert you or if you

you must call your voicemail box.

to constantly check it, but I didn’t

aware of

and for more than a week, I missed voicemails.

a two-week-old pair was present.

voicemails from the past that I was unaware of

up till I finally logged into my carrier’s

I checked my voicemails on the internet.

there that’s like a big problem for

once more, i’m probably doing

things I probably didn’t do well

comprehend what you should do

there is a voicemail

yet, the most recent was incredibly unpleasant.

one thing about it that I truly did not like

It was texting-related.

once more, it was probably my fault, but I

taking all necessary procedures to deactivate

messaging app on my phone linked to my

phone number that they provide for you

to complete, but what I discovered is that there are several messages.

just disappeared for days or even months

weeks after I turned off Imessage

I had everything set up properly.

Simply put, I wasn’t receiving communications.

Hey, I texted you, folks would say.

just never got it, and according to mythology, some

Those texts are currently circulating around.

circling the planet now in space

since I never received them and really

That’s the main problem I have with this phone.

I just didn’t trust this in general.

phone, and it may have happened again

due to the fact that my carrier was

weak, there were many other possibilities.

many things that I just didn’t do

correct as there is a form of DIY

a component to setting this up and

I used to run but I never believed that if

I received a message from someone claiming to be

able to

Additionally, if I missed it, I might even

know that they attempted to contact me, so

Here are just my last thoughts.

adore this item, like the idea,

execution might be improved

I accept full accountability for the

portions that I’m most likely to blame for

I ought to have chosen a different carrier.

with them, perhaps I ought to have read a

a little additional information about what’s going on

within the voicemail

I’m not certain, but ultimately

Because I couldn’t rely on this, I needed

to change the subject because of what

the matter

I adored me.

I wasn’t as easily sidetracked using this phone.

increased my reading and writing.

was more noticeable in my connections

admired that

and immediately after returning to my

iPhone, I had reverted to my old behaviours.

monitoring it all the time

constantly dependent on it

I abhor that.

nonetheless, I appreciate the idea, so if you

own a reliable link locally or

You’re eager to give it a go.

I believe some folks could find it useful.

That concludes my evaluation of the light phone.

I really hope that was useful to you.

I’d love to know if you’ve used one of these.

your feedback or if you have any inquiries

pleased to respond to them in the

comments, too, and I’d want to ask you to

Do you want to try a dumb phone?

something appeals to you, do you feel somewhat ill?

When you’re attempting to locate it on your phone

a means of returning to a bit more

i’d love to hear your guys’ simple suggestions.

Okay, i’ll read your ideas in the comments.

Until the next piece, take care.

Please do share it with friends and family. keep it Schwifty!

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