Lets Explore Pangasinan – Philippines

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Let’s Tour the Philippines’ Pangasinan Island

The Philippines is an eco-tourism gem-

Lets Explore Pangasinan-

Pangasinan Island

the most well-known for its kind residents

with abundant biodiversity

linked roadways that we may use

incredible cuisine and stunning scenery

ensuring that every travel is quick and easy

There is unquestionably a lot of potential to

motherland development in a more sustainable

methods, but how do we begin?

I’m an environmental activist named Lorelyn Arinzana.

and Explorer as we learn together

several locations accessible from

Metro Manila as we educate people about

the significance of safeguarding the

the surrounding area and the next hi

people, this is a fresh day, and I’m

extending northward more than two kilometres

Any educated estimates, please, and some

hints This location is referred to as the third

biggest province worldwide

The Philippine Islands are home to several of

Northern Luzon’s top beaches

Portobello scream is delectable,

a location where you may see one of

the most beautiful sunsets ever.

The Philippines just Bunga was seen.

perhaps you folks are now thinking that

We’re planning to go to the Namib Church for

the 100 islands, but not on this journey

We’re taking you places you’ve never been before,

What kind of turn signals do you guys use?

ready, for sure, I AM

The Pangasinan used to require six to

10 hours, depending on the outcome

however, with the building of

the fungus in Antonio on the third lap

T flex or expressway travel time has

been shortened to only five hours now

Now that there are these types of

a result of infrastructure, travel time

speedier and more practical, and we may decrease

using our personal carbon footprint as a guide

TX, we’re now departing here in

I believe you’re on your way to our first

the municipality of, where destination is

We’ve finally made it to your PMS, Paulina.

I’m looking at Bali Marine Laboratory right now.

ecstatic to be here, let’s explore

There is an outdoor area at BML.

Bali, an ocean nursery, and a hatchery

Now is particularly unique since it is also

known as the world’s largest clam capital

Philippines at the moment I am with July here.

July of the bully now marine laboratory

Can you elaborate on the reasons we ought to?

Especially proud of our enormous clams in the

There are 11 species of in the Philippines.

just 7 US huge clam species exist worldwide.

a part of our Marine Laboratory’s culture

Here, we feature how many species there are.

now, we can see seven species.

of enormous crabs in our ocean nursery get

I prepared the island to which we are travelling.

Right now, we’re going to wish you luck.

Island, where seven of the eleven

This is the home of the largest clams on Earth.

is the lovely marine nursery that you

can all personally feel anything you have

Go talk to the bully right now. Marine

They will put everything up in the laboratory.

for this incredible journey.

We travelled there in approximately 40 minutes.

We’re taking a speedboat to the ocean nursery.

Nonetheless, before entering the sea, I

a query before we enter, what do

You believe that the most unique feature of

The ocean has been completely merry 1960–1940

The enormous clam was first introduced in 1963.

If you guys know the capital of the Philippines

are also prepared

gigantic plans play various ecological

in coral reef habitats, including

various species’ access to food and shelter

and they even function as reef builders and

Sadly, huge clams are under danger.

and confronting dangers like coral reef

unlawful, degrading, and destructive

anyone can engage in wildlife trading and poaching.

join the movement by just

joining the Clan Adopt Program of the Clan

what a banana Marine’s laughs

awe-inspiring experience I’ve never witnessed

I’ve eaten a lot of huge clams, but it’s

such a wonderful thing, too.

need to see it together to believe it is

We must save this species.

because it is crucial and essential to

biodiversity of our world

departing from Valina, Pangasinan, it’s time to

the season’s visibility

We have reached untamed jungles.

a protected region that prioritises

Reforestation and conservation are important.

a well-known fact is that one of the

effective strategies to address climate change

is to plant trees, which is necessary because

ability to capture and store information

notably in mangroves and other

jungles, as well as for tourists like us

rather than simply snapping pictures at

places we travel, we can even decrease

by reducing our own personal carbon emissions

planting trees to create a lasting legacy

a sustainable imprint for the future


I’d like to present El Miss to you right now.

convicted criminal of northern cement

responsible for ensuring the safety and

right to zappy forest preservation

now, working together, we’re going to

reducing carbon emissions through tree planting

I’m really feeling overloaded right now.

interesting manner that the fungus functions

focused attention on the conservation of

their neighbourhood assets and the

ambiance while encouraging guests to

Come experience nature more thoroughly.

a sustainable manner and supporting one another

for us to take part in the regional

Our next priority is to work on conservation.

is a different ocean, and would you

I think this is the purest that is known.

the Missoula River

Well, it was certainly brief but

meaningful journey here in my

heart is bursting with optimism because, like you

Men have observed how numerous individuals are.

who are willing throughout the Philippines

to devote themselves and their life to

the preservation of the environment.

Share it with friends and families. Keep it schwifty!

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