Kanye West Was Forced To Leave The Bagel Store As Not Invited

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Kanye West was forced to leave the store consumers asked him to leave bagel shop.

Customers at a bagel store close to one of the largest Jewish synagogues in Los Angeles begged Kanye West to quit and go home.

According to a witness who spoke to Hollywood Life, the rapper, who is now known as Ye, understood he wasn’t allowed at the shop after hearing whispering.

The onlooker told the magazine, “Kanye was with a pal and he tried to be on the DL, but it was hard not to notice Kanye West.

He was initially grinning and making an effort to blend in. After receiving his meal, he proceeded to a corner seat and remained glued to his phone.

The insider explained that when he finally looked up, he “may have recognised that others were staring at him and not in a nice way.”

According to the eyewitness, the majority of individuals there were Jews because “the bagel shop is popular among those who go to that synagogue.”

When Kanye got up to leave before finishing his dinner, he “had to experience the vibe, which was not at all pleasant,” the tabloid stated.

As he was getting into his car, I noticed some people whispering under their breath that he should go home.

“I don’t know if he heard them; it wasn’t loud. The onlooker said, “I’m sure that’s not how he is used to being handled.

He had to have known he was not wanted there when he left because he didn’t appear to be happy and other customers at the bagel shop appeared to be highly disturbed by his presence.

Ye declared war on Jews after declaring in a since-deleted tweet that he was “going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

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