Houston woman walks naked Turkey Leg Hut restaurant

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Picture credits: hip-hopvibe

A Houston lady goes viral after stepping into the famed Turkey Leg Hut restaurant Fully naked.

Houston is unquestionably one of the top cuisine cities in the United States.

The Turkey Leg Hut is one of Houston’s most popular eateries. Last month, Quavo, 2 Chainz, DaBaby, Takeoff, and others all arrived on the same day.

Turkey legs, tacos, burgers, chicken and fish sandwiches, and more dishes are available at Turkey Leg Hut.

Turkey Leg Hut is also said to have an imposed clothing code, which drew a lot of criticism online.
However, it appears that this woman desired to feel completely free and was unconcerned about the implications of adhering to Turkey Leg Hut’s dress code.
It is yet unknown whether or not this woman was arrested or is facing charges.

Turkey Leg Hut is also a popular eatery, and a lady got it trending again on Sunday. Customers were taken aback when they saw this individual enter into the restaurant entirely undressed. Her only apparel was a pair of socks and sneakers.v

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