Harry Styles paused his New York City show to discuss thrown chicken nuggets: “Who tossed it?”

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For years, Harry Styles has been establishing a name for himself. He’s got a lot of skill to go around, with three highly acclaimed albums, two forthcoming films, and being a member of a famous boy band. It’s no surprise that he has a passionate following, so committed that they’re not beyond tossing chicken nuggets at the singer mid-concert.

Harry Styles paused his New York City show to discuss thrown chicken nuggets: “Who tossed it?”

During a performance, Harry Styles had an amusing reaction to chicken nuggets being thrown at her.

Watermelon Sugar musician Watermelon Sugar was recently delighted when a fan threw a chicken nugget at him on stage at his New York gig.

The singer performed in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

He paused his performance at one point to address some of the things onstage. He also had several chicken nuggets.

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A video was submitted by a fan. As he picked up food from the ground, the 28-year-old musician questioned his followers, “Is this a chicken nugget?”

Before walking around the stage, he held up the nugget and remarked, “Interesting.” “A really intriguing technique.”

“Who tossed that chicken nugget?” Harry inquired of the audience.

“It’s another chicken noodle,” the singer continued as another performer entered the stage.

The crowd start chanting for the performer to eat it. However, he refuses to comply, stating, “I don’t eat chicken.” Sorry.” “I’m not a meat eater.”

Then he returns the first nugget to the audience member and says, “There you have it. You may have your nugget once again.” He then turns around and retrieves the second piece.

As he remarked on the nugget, Harry continued to grin. “First and foremost, this is quite Cold,” he said. I’m assuming you’re rather old.”

Following that, a purported thrower says, “No,” before the crowd begins shouting, “eat it, eat it, eat it,” forcing Harry to giggle. “Would you want it back?” You want that back? he asks the fan, and when he gets a “yes,” he seems confused and asks it again. Why? ” The audience laughs as Harry reiterates the fan’s short “because…” response.

“All right, here you go,” Harry replies, tossing back the second piece of fast food. “Do not consume it.”

According to TMZ, Harry Styles is the latest recent singer to contend with stage invaders.

Harry Styles often reciprocates with his followers. During his performances, he takes time for fan suggestions. When he can, Styles gives sincere life advise. He chuckles at Chicken Nugget Launch, treating even the most ludicrous sights with the tenderness he sings about.

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