GPD Win Max 2 Gaming- Ryzen 7 6800u

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Today I am very happy because I finally have the AMD version of the brand-new gpd win max 2. On the channel we have already looked at the intel version of this device, which is powered by the i7 1260p, and I really like it. However, the gpu definitely leaves something to be desired. However, with the win max 2, gpd decided to offer two models, one with intel and one without, and today we’re taking a look at the AMD version.

GPD Win Max 2 Gaming

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Therefore, if I had to choose between the Intel and Ryzen versions, I would probably choose the latter. Every day we’ve got some really great performance here, and keep in mind that this does support USB 4. We’re going to try an egpu with this because I’ve been able to do it on other laptops with these newer 6000 chips, and I think it’s going to work out here as well. I still consider this to be a handheld, though, because it’s definitely on the larger side, and I love these bigger-screen devices. If you do end up purchasing either of these, inside As you can see, we have a really nice backlit keyboard built in. These controls can be hidden with the little magnetic plates that do come with. As for the built-in display, we have a big, beautiful 10.1 inch ips at 2560 by 1600. The screen will have a 1920 by 1200 resolution by default, 400 nits of brightness, and an 80.2 dci p3 broad colour gamut.

The built-in controls feel great; they use a vita-style d-pad, and for the analogue sticks, we have hull sensors here; these are actually made by Gilli Kit. If you’re not familiar with these hall sensor based analogue sticks, basically instead of using a joystick, they use a hall sensor. I really do love this screen here; it also supports 10 points touch and open if you wanted to use it that way. These little magnetic covers can be stored right in the back of the We’re not utilising a conductive pad here, so the buttons and d-pad are dome-based. Although there is a slight clickiness, I’ve grown to really enjoy it and love the vita-style buttons and d-pads, which are what we have here. They perform really well when it comes to i/o.

We have a full-size SD card slot that supports UHS-2, which can read data at speeds of up to 312 megabytes per second and write data at 312 over here on the left.

We have two full-size USB 3.2 ports over here on the right-hand side, and moving around to the back, we have a 3.5 millimetre audio jack, another 3.2 port, full-size HDMI, usb 3.2, and usb 4.0. In theory, we should be able to connect a thunderbolt GPU dock to this, and we’ll test it out at the end. Looking at the bottom, we have two additional programmable buttons, and you might notice we’ve got

This is built on the Zen 3 Plus platform and offers both excellent single-core and multi-core performance.

Since we’re using the 6000series mobile chip, we have new integrated graphics that are now known as the radeon 680m. They are based on RDNA 2 and have a maximum clock speed of 2200 megahertz. GPD is offering a few different storage and RAM configurations with this unit; I have the 16-gigabyte version, but you can also choose the 32-gigabyte option. Both of these use LP DDR5 running at 640 MHz. This device has a one-terabyte nvme SSD, but you can choose the two-terabyte model, wi-fi 6, Bluetooth 4.2, a 67 watt-hour battery that will charge at up to 100 watts with the included charger, and this is running Windows 11 right out of the box. I wanted to jump right into some gameplay to demonstrate how this thing performs, and at the moment, I’ve got the tdp on this apu set to 15 watt

But there’s more that we can get out of this. We have a large, gorgeous screen, which is a bit overkill, but at 1920 by 1200 and the tdp set at 28 watts, we can run this game at least at 60 frames per second. There’s still a little more that we can get out of this because we’re only at 28 watts; we can go up to about 35 watts on this apu. However, keep in mind that doing so will.

GPD Win Max 2 Gaming

I also wanted to demonstrate a few benchmarks at various tdps, so let’s start with geek bench 5 at 15 watts, where we get a single core of 1319 and a multi of 6001, and all the way up to 35 watts, where we get a single core of 1492 and a multi of 8096, demonstrating how the scaling here on the top definitely helps with the multi-core side of things and how it really helps with the gpu.

Here’s night raid at all three wattages: 15 2835, with a total score of 17710 at 15 watts, 28 watts, 23 333, and 35 watts, 24887. Moving on to some more PC games, we’ve got mk11 at high settings1920x1200 i’ve had really good luck with this game on ryzen apu’s it’s actually really well optimised but you know seeing it running it high on a hand held like this is pretty awesome hey low infinite is one of those games we do have to scale down on these apus and right now we’re actually set at 1920by 1200 but we’re scaled down to 720from

Remember, this is the first day this game was released on PC, so more optimizations are on the way. We’re at low 1280 by 828watts and it’s so close to running at a constant 60 and in fact we can get over60 if we turn fsr to ultra-performance but it definitely blurs everything out and I really don’t like playing it like that but in the future you will see me testing more of this game on different hand held so one thing I’ve been really excited about is usb4 on the winmax2 we’re going to go ahead and plug in this thunder bolte gpu dock it’s an rtx 2080 ti so we’re connected with a thunderbolt 3e GPU dock over usb4 and all i really had to do was download the latest nvidia drivers but it’s working pretty well and now I basically have a high-end gaming desktop.

GPD Win Max 2 Gaming

So just to recap, the 6800u still has access to the radeon 680m integrated graphics, but for gaming while it’s docked like this, we can use the rtx 2080 ti. Having a dedicated graphics card will obviously greatly increase the GPU’s performance. We were previously using the Radeon 680m graphics, and Forza Horizon 5 now allows me to run this at 1440p ultra. However, I’ll tell you what: I’ve actually had much better now I completely understand that we’re kind of limited by the bandwidth of that usb4connection but i thought this card would do a little better over thunderbolt and like i mentioned i’ve had much better luck with something like a 3060 or even a 3080.

I definitely love the 6800u version of this, and as I mentioned, if I had to choose between the Intel version and the Ryzen version, I would have chosen this one. If you’re interested in purchasing one, I strongly advise choosing the AMD version. If you’re curious to learn more about the differences between the Intel and AMD versions, click here.

I’d also like to know your thoughts on this product; were you one of the people who were unsure whether to buy the Intel or the AMD version? Mention in the comments.

Here are detailed specs for the Win Max 2:

Category GPD Win Max 2 (Intel) GPD Win Max 2 (AMD)
Display 10.1 inches2560 x 1600 pixels10-point capacitive touch pen support (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) Same as Intel
Processor Intel Core i7-1260P12-cores / 16-threads20W – 28W power consumption AMD Ryzen 7 6800U8-cores / 16-threads15-28W power consumption
GPU Intel Iris Xe96 execution units768 stream processorsUp to 1.45 GHz AMD Radeon 680MRDNA 2 architecture12 Computer Units768 stream processorsUp to 2.2 GHz
RAM LPDDR5-520016GBSupports up to 64GB LPDDR5-640016GB or 32GBSupports up to 64GB
Storage M.2 2280 & M.2 2230PCIe Gen 4.0 & PCIe Gen 3Sold with up to 2TB (M.2 2280)Supports up to 16TB (8TB per slot)SD card readermicroSD card reader Same as Intel
Ports 1 x Thunderbolt 41 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C3 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A1 x HDMI 2.1 1 x USB41 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C3 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A1 x HDMI 2.1
Audio & video Quad speakers3.5mm audio jack2MP Webcam (below display) Same as Intel
Input QWERTY keyboard (backlit)Game controllersMotion sensors Same as Intel
Security Fingerprint sensor Same as Intel
Battery & Charging 67 Wh battery100W USB Type-C Same as Intel
Wireless WiFiBluetooth4G LTE (optional) Same as Intel
Material Aluminum-magnesium alloy Same as Intel
Dimensions 227 x 160 x 23mm Same as Intel
Weight 1005 grams Same as Intel


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