George Clooney is real proud of his wife

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At their foundation’s Albie Awards, George Clooney exclaimed that he “couldn’t be more proud of” his wife Amal.
The first-ever Albie Awards were held on Thursday night in New York and were hosted by the Oscar-winning actor, 61, and his wife, Amal Clooney, 44.

“We work together on everything, after all. We worked together on twins! “the actor from Ticket to Paradise commented. The reporter said, “But you know, this is an intriguing one since Amal has freed journalists from jail in Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Egypt, and everywhere else in the world.”

George said that his wife “happens to be particularly extraordinarily good” at her work with their organisation and the Albie Awards.

Added he, “A journalist, my father, is. She’s a journalist, therefore I have a strong connection to them. Therefore, it greatly excites me when she is able to free those who have been wrongfully imprisoned for simply performing their jobs. I am very happy for my wife and couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Alexander and Ella, who are twins and are 5 years old, will learn from the couple, George added “There are a tonne of things. But the most important thing is to oppose powerful individuals and stand up for weaker ones.”

The Albie Awards, which bear Justice Albie Sachs’ name, were established by George and Amal to draw attention to those upstanding defenders of the law who face danger because of their work.

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