$40k gaming computer

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The chair here is from kluvens; they have been making motorised chairs of this type for a while; this is the most recent version; as you can see, it resembles a scorpion with the legs down on the bottom tailpiece that wraps around and holds your monitors; we have absolutely maxed out this thing with five monitors set up, and we were able to actually match the RGB on the back of these monitors with the RGB on the tail itself so that all the colour matching is accurate.

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Just to remind you it’s a – $40k gaming computer LOL

The world’s first 27-inch 4k144 hertz displays from LG are the first gaming-focused displays with such a long list of specs, and they have such a wide screen that it almost gives the impression of virtual reality because your entire peripheral is filled with content. To recap, the PC itself allows you to put your key components on display or anyone who approaches completely open-air design.

There is so much subtlety here in the small details, such as how these power supplies, which are Rog Thor power supplies, have displays on the side that show the power consumption on each one at any given time replaced with the braided custom cables cover here and the cable holders along the way the water blocks on top of the RTX 3090s, which are currently extremely difficult to find, and how this system actually has a dual setup with RGB on the RAM modules we have.

Look at this little guy, he really did set that up for me it’s amazing it’s an actual little PC and it’s capable of gaming he also has this little remote over here that comes with a chair and lets you control the intensity and colour and there are also a few effects if you’re insane when the lights are off that effect is even more extreme the whole thing glows it comes out of these cut-outs pretty cool and it’s controlled via this particular remote right here.

$40k gaming computer

You’re happy to play a little bit on the go but want to get back home because look at what you’ve got all right so I’m home this is where I live right now. Cyberpunk can barely run on the old last generation game consoles, but here we have it on this cool little unit so that’s a kind of cool what they put together there.

If I load up a first-person game, you’ll see what happens on the side monitors, which heightens the immersion to the point that you’re still gazing at the screen.

Here at the main display, but it seems like sort of like your own peripheral vision, which is why I use that specific phrase. I believe I am close enough to this panel to truly enjoy 4K at 27 inches. Additionally, you can see that the keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat all have RGB accents. You could have that open in one window over here and look at nasdaq.com like this is obviously what I need to be looking at over here, see I can also snap it you know I could just have it like that may be I want the stalks over there, yeah you got a little twitter open over there. These are from a company called vict singh and they’re actually having a giveaway right now on the website for 500 mechanical keyboards similar to the one in front of If you were a film or picture editor, you could have tools spread over this range of displays and just kind of move your head to access it. What I would do is just have a billion different browser windows.

$40k gaming computer

Consequently, this little distant picture of the scorpion I have Cyberpunk loaded up here, which is obviously a very resource-intensive game, and most people are going to want a really high frame rate. However, what everyone wants is a high frame rate and an immersive experience. I am now part of the scorpion, and this is going to bring it down. Yes, wow, that’s kind of cool. All right, so a couple of things I’ve learned on this specific system. I’m basically trying to imply that everyone wants everything, but even when you’re running a 30 90s for a game like this, you still have to pick and select what you want to go for. So, let’s just get into settings, and what I’m talking about here is 3840 by 2160. I may choose from a variety of more unusual custom resolutions, such as 11 520 by 2160, which has only slightly more pixels than 4K but requires the group to put in more labour and potentially sacrifice frames. Although I’ve experimented with every bar and tried to push this many pixels, it seems that no matter what I do, I can only push it five or six frames in either direction. Whoa, and this is the full resolution of each monitor11 over 11,000 pixels across, including my peripheral 5556 frames. I’ll take it.

Therefore, these are the best settings for using all three 4k monitors at full resolution. It’s astonishing that the twin 30 90s-powered PC in the background is so silent and not generating any noise at the moment. As a result, I believe I would play this game in a windowed mode at full resolution.

$40k gaming computer

There are probably countless modifications we could do to get our ideal circumstance, but i’m around, so if I can get a few more frames, I might toggle a little farther towards performance as you can see above.

I’m now right on 60, and this has been an amazing experience for me.

Oh where’d he go? Is that a grenade? Oh, I hit him to do this wow I got I was lost for a minute I was gone for a minute I was somewhere else. Could I turn even more stuff off and increase the frame rate further possibly but in a game like this do you really want to do that in a game like this you kind of want to experience the entire you know atmosphere and the detail and so forth and the resolution I feel like

I enjoyed it more than VR because sometimes you feel a little bit too closed off, if that makes sense. I haven’t played much cyberpunk, but I felt immersed, deep, and like I was kind of getting into it. The rig helped, but for my preferences, I’d recommend running the bottom three monitors at full resolution and adjusting your performance settings to get around 60 frames per second. Without a doubt, I could waste many hours there.

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