Fyre Festival founder working on something new after prison.

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The convicted fraudster served four years in prison before being freed earlier this year.

You can watch the full documentary of Fyre Festival on Netflix.

I’ve obviously had too much time to reflect on this, but I do believe the time is now to begin making this right with everyone.

He then turns the board over to expose a map and starts to tease out information about his upcoming project. You might have suspected that I’m working on something fresh, the man says.

Billy McFarland, the man behind the Fyre Festival, has disclosed he is engaged in a new endeavour since being sprung out of prison earlier this year. McFarland, 31, announces an event to which “everyone is invited” in a cryptic video that he shared to TikTok on Monday.

Additionally, he acknowledged his role in the famed Fyre Festival debacle, admitting that he “f***ed around,” and said that he is utilising the mystery new event “to make things right with everyone.”

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