Florida guy dances with alligator in the water video goes viral

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Florida guy dances with alligator in the water

In Florida, there seems to constantly be somebody doing something outlandish. On FX’s “Atlanta,” the character of Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) characterised it as “Florida Man.” After then, numerous news headlines began to include this theme into their tales. As a result, the phenomena develops a life of its own.

The state of Florida is defined as different, due to their being no way out. Joseline Hernandez stated this, when she went on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” In addition, the state is more swampland that solid land. As a result, the people and the reptiles live on top of one other. While most people are terrified of alligators, Floridians cherish them.

This afternoon, a video on Twitter of a man from Florida is garnering attention. There was a man who is certainly unafraid of alligators. He actually dances with the gators since he is so at ease with them. Obviously, messing with animals as enormous and possibly aggressive as an alligator is no laughing matter. In no way does this material condone such reckless action. However, this man stepped into the water, grabbed the gator, and began dancing with it.

Florida guy dances with alligator in the water

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