59-year-old rapper Coolio passed away.

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Wednesday saw Coolio’s death in Los Angeles.

According to Jarez Posey, the artist’s longtime manager, who also talked to the Associated Press, TMZ, Rolling Stone, and Variety, the musician, whose full name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr., passed away at a friend’s home.

Coolio passed away.
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Coolio passed away.
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Longtime manager Jarez of Coolio claims that the musician went to a friend’s house to use the toilet, but when he didn’t come back after some time, the friend started yelling for him. Coolio was discovered on the floor when the friend eventually entered.

Hip-hop artist Coolio, whose 1990s successes including “Gangsta’s Paradise” and “Fantastic Voyage,” passed away on Wednesday at the age of 59.

He garnered five further Grammy nominations during the course of a late 1980s-era career.

Ice Cube, a rapper, tweeted: “This is awful news. I’ve personally watched this man rise to the top in his field. In peace.

Coolio moved from Monessen, Pennsylvania, a tiny town south of Pittsburgh, where he was born, to Compton, California, where he enrolled at a community college. Before committing himself fully to hip-hop, he had positions in airport security and as a volunteer fireman.

In recent years, Coolio made an appearance on the reality series Big Brother and created a food programme that gained popularity online. In order to support his job as a chef, he intended to auction off the rights to his songs, including Gangsta’s Paradise. Additionally, he published a cookbook and made appearances on celebrity culinary shows.

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