Christian Bale Still Trying to Leave Hollywood

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Christian Bale Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Actor Christian Charles Philip Bale is from England. He has played the major part in movies of many genres and is well known for his flexibility and physical alterations for his roles. Aside from two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award, he has won several honours.

8 Quick Facts About Christian Bale

1. Christian Bale’s early acting experience made him lose interest in performing.

2. Christian Bale was a popular online celebrity in the beginning.

3. Christian Bale was unaware that Newsies was going to be a musical.

4. After being informed that he would not be directing American Psycho, Christian Bale continued his preparations.

5. Christian Bale feared that the voice he used would ruin his prospects of becoming Batman.

6. When playing Batman, Christian Bale was told to control his salivation.

7. Nintendo was a favourite of Christian Bale.

8. Christian Bale is unlikely to ever appear in a romantic comedy.


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