Britney Spears, she’ll probably never perform again as “Pretty Traumatized”

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You shouldn’t anticipate seeing Britney Spears perform anytime soon.

The singer wrote an extended Instagram post on Sunday in which she looked back on her 13 years in conservatory and said she “probably never performs again.”

Spears began the essay by bemoaning her lack of creative control over the music videos she released during that time period (she claims the only one from that period she loved) and her awful experience working with photographers. The article mostly targeted her father, Jamie Spears, who oversaw the pop singer’s estate from 2008 until 2021, in usual form.

Spears has said that she doesn’t believe she will ever perform live again, despite the fact that her conservatorship has ended. It appears that the experience has left Spears with some wounds.

Additionally, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the dancers and the quantity of dancers her team had hired.

She admitted, “I will be honest, throughout the first 13 years of conservatorship, only liked one video, Work Bitch… the most obnoxious SO-CALLED professional photographs on every tour. 
“I mean, at the very least, they could have cheated and retouched them for me… 
only saying… 
The worst ever 2-day shooting for new show in Vegas 
and anticipating the photos after five months on tour… 
They never gave me any examples. 
Working with the most obnoxious individuals in my life would be preferable to me than quitting my job to spit in my pool and take pictures omyself in studios.
She replied, “I’m pretty traumatized for life,” and yes I’m f*cking angry, and yeah I won’t probably perform again just to be obstinate and make my point.

Over the weekend, she also sent voice messages on Instagram, asking for her parents to “burn in hell” and lamenting the fact that she can’t see her two boys, who had broken off communication with her.

Fans now have the direct word from Spears’ manager Larry Rudolph, who previously discussed how improbable the possibility of her going on tour again would be.

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