Best MSI gaming Laptop MSI GE76

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The Big Generation Leap for MSI Gaming Laptops in 2022

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This is the new MSI ge76, best MSI gaming laptop and what makes it so special and so powerful is three things: first, it is running Intel’s new 12th generation Alder Lake laptop processors, second, it is running Nvidia’s new RTX 3080 ti, which is both the fastest components you can get out their rig. This laptop is a huge generational leap from the previous stuff, and it is most likely faster than the gaming desktop that you have at home.

This year, Intel just came out swinging with a new laptop chip that is so fast it’s nutty it honestly destroys the previous generation of mobile chips it beats APUs from AMD and Apple. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen some chips from AMD and Apple that were designed to compete with Intel stuff, and it’s just been so much better than what intel’s had to offer. I’ve been recommending AMD’s chips instead of Intel from gaming laptops for a while.

(The Best MSI gaming Laptop MSI GE76)

It does support DDR5 memory, but it’s difficult to tell how much of the performance boost is due to the memory versus the chip itself. From my experience with desktop versions of this technology, the Alder Lake chips are doing the majority of the heavy lifting. DDR5 memory is nice, but I can’t simply swap it out for DDR4 to test. This CPU has 14 cores, six performance cores, and an e-core.

According to what you’re attempting to achieve, whether you’re playing games or utilising apps that can benefit from several fast cores, this will be a significant generational improvement over the prior technology.

This computer is also running a new graphics card, the RTX 3080 ti, which msi is pumping 175 watts into on this system. Additionally, this machine comes with a very fast 360-hertz 1080p panel. We’ll get to the topic of heat and energy usage shortly. It is a screen for gaming, namely competitive gaming, and it has a fluid display.

Now, it’s evident that games will run quicker with this new CPU and GPU combo, but there are a few factors you should keep in mind. First, lower-resolution games will generally perform better than higher-resolution games. But secondly, I don’t have access to other devices with these components in it right so I can’t really tell how much of those gains are coming from the cpu or from the gpu itself it’s kind of hard to gauge at this point we’ll have to see more reviews down the line now when I look at creative workflows.

Gaming is always going to lean more heavily on the CPUs you’re going to see the biggest gains there. This laptop has amazing performance. With 3D work, it’s super fast with video work like the render times that I got out of this machine were the fastest I’ve ever seen in a laptop like this can almost keep up with that machine back there that desktop that’s a 12 900k with 3080 ti I built it a couple of months ago super fast machine this is not that far off from that performance it’s kind of wild.

Now, let me state that this offers greater playback performance in Adobe Premiere when compared to the MacBook Pro loaded with an m1 Max. A device like this makes you wonder how they’re pulling it off and how they’re able to get such amazing scores. The big thing is the energy it’s feeding a lot of watts to that chip and like all CPUs the more wattage you give it the faster it gets. Apple’s m1 max has an awesome media playback engine and outperforms everything out there including desktops but in terms of rendering time this thing just crushes what apple has to offer right now.

(The Best MSI gaming Laptop MSI GE76)

The impressive numbers are in the balance mode where you get great performance without any heat, noise, or high energy consumption that earlier generations of Intel chips required. It’s loud but you get big numbers, but if you set the system to this much quieter and more energy-efficient setting, it still gives you amazing performance.

What does Intel’s 12th generation chip do for battery life? Okay, so when you do my regular loops, like just website loops, it’s decent battery life, but only slightly better than last year’s model, and the same would apply for streaming if you compare it to previous generation stuff, it’s similar average battery life. So I want to move this conversation over to battery life.

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Nonetheless, there was a noticeable difference when you put the system through its paces, such as when you’re using a resource-intensive programme or playing a game while unplugged you get a significant bump up battery life than the previous 11thgen stuff now I don’t know how much of that is because of intel’s new chip or if it’s because MSI made some tweaks between last year’s model and this year and they’re somehow able to optimise the energy use I’m not entirely sure but there is a noticeable difference between this model and last year’s model.

But if I had to guess, I’d say that chip is slightly more energy-efficient when the system is pushed hard. It isn’t as efficient as Apple’s m1 max and m1 pro products, which are like the kings of efficiency, but this still offers top-end performance. For example, if you want the best performance possible, add wattage and properly cool it, and you’ll get crazy numbers. You’ll get desktop numbers.

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Apple can’t do that, and I don’t even think their new stuff will be able to do it but this is an amazing performer now I want to wrap this up with a conversation about this device itself so intel could have asked any OEM out there any manufacturer to be like hey you know, we want to showcase this 12th gen chip make us a device they could have chosen anyone, but they went with this and i did think they did it for a reason so, it’s not about a system where it just shows the top end performance.

Obviously, they could have just gotten a laptop company be like, hey you know we want to stick in this new chip in it cool it aggressively shows the greatest numbers they could have done that but what I think MSI does really well really really well is they have a system that can do that at the top end but their balance mode is so nicely tuned like it’s quiet it’s got great performance and you saw the numbers like you this is a really good showcase of what this chip can and should do in a properly tuned system and I think not just what intel’s done but I think what MSI has done in this system is fantastic um I’ve always been partial to this thing like I love the RGB lightbar it’s kind of silly but this is such a unique looking RGB system you look up close it looks like there’s a fluid inside here like the colour shifting it’s awesome.

I like the keyboard I really like the super fast screens I like the layouts the ports and stuff great system from MSI but I think like the big winner here is intel they did an awesome job this year and I’m excited to see what intel does with the rest of their lineups like what is their mid-tier or even lower end, uh mobile chip look like because this is promising.

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