The Best Asus Laptops for 2022 You Should Buy

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The Best Asus Laptops for 2022 You Should Think About Purchasing

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A number of performance laptops from Asus are in front of me. A few weeks ago, they briefed me on them and said, “Check these things out; you’re going to like them,” and they seemed really cool. However, when I received them, I realised that some of them were truly exceptional. I want to share these things with you, so let’s start with my personal favourite of the group.

The G14 (The Best Asus Laptops for 2022)

The exterior hasn’t changed it’s still got that nice white exterior with that iridescent purple badge and it’s still in that 14inch form factor but inside we finallyhave a webcam this is something thatpeople have been asking for for the pastcouple of years and it’s finallyavailable and it’s with infraredcapability so you can use it for windowshello to log in with facial id now interms of performance this is all amdthis year it’s got the ryzen 6000 seriescpu and the radeon 6000 s series gpus and because they’re all amd it’s got the ability to do stuff like smart shift and just work together more efficiently it’sthe amd advantage that’s what theyalways been calling it when you have thetwo from the same company but in addition to running all amd it now has a vapor chamber on both components boththe cpu and gpu are better cooled than they were last year but interestingly the gpu wattage is significantly higher this year than was last year so now it’srunning at 105 watts whereas last year’s systems on the g14 they capped out at like 80 watt gpus so those are some big gains in thermal capabilities on the g14 i’m sure, part of it is due to the updated vapor chamber but it’s also the fan like they’ve tweaked a little bit but the lift is the same like thekeyboard lift and the exhaust looks tobe the same it doesn’t feel like they’vechanged a ton from the exterior butsomehow they’re able to pump an extra 20watts into the gpu this year which isreally significant in a package thissize soi’m pretty excited to test this thingout thoroughly in the actual review i’veplayed with this thing just to kind ofsee what this thing was capable of andit looks promising the amd advantagelooks legit now the screen is anotherpain point that has bothered me aboutthe g14 for the past couple of years butthis year not only is it that 16 by 10aspect ratio butbut they fixed the response time thisthing has always had this really jankyresponse time on like the base modelscreen and it was so stupid to have agaming laptop of this caliber of thiskind of price point and to have ghostingit just killed me it’s fixed 100 i’vetested it i’ve looked at it like it’s aproperfast gaming screen now they claim threemilliseconds i think that’s a bitgenerous but it’s a really good screenthis year and i think the overallpackage is so good i don’t know pricing hopefully it’snot crazy but yeah the g14 it’s on pointnow internally uh this is gonna be takenwith a grain of salt because it’s anengineering sample i don’t know howclose the layout will be to the retailunit but you get one slot of ddr5 that’sreplaceable and then you have another 16gig that’s soldered on board and youalso have one slot of pcie 4 nvme andit’s a pretty similar kind of loadoutfrom the previous generations but it’sjust an overallway better package i think this is justlikeit’sit’s on point this year so there youhave it g14 okay moving on to mypersonal laptop right now that i use right now is.

The G15 (The Best Asus Laptops for 2022)

Now this product has also been updated this year it’s gotthe updated 6000 series amd cpu butthey’re sticking with nvidia so up to a3080 ti now again interestingly they were able to bump the wattage on this gpu compared to the g15 last year and it’s strange right they didn’t changethe internals this time there’s no tweakto the fans nor any of the thermal configurations that i’ve been told about nd yet they were able to bump up that gpu wattage by 20 watts so now can hit120 watts with the 3080 ti and it’s just strange right it’s significant again in a package this size be able to jack upthat wattage like that but there you have it the g15 and i will be testing that thingin fulluh when i get the review unit nowthis is an interesting one sothis is the g15 strix scar edition thisis their most premium version of the strix 15 and it comes in this nicetranslucent gray color it’s a reallynice design aesthetic and it also has this keystone which you can remove for personalizing the device like if you plug it up it activates with your profile and it also has this removable back cap that you can use to kind of customize your device this isn’t new for this year but i thought i’d show it again because it’s so cool now it’s a 2dversion of this device but this issupposed to be like their most powerful gaming device in the strix series rightit’s like the competitive esports gaminglaptop super fast screens 300 hertz 360hertz and it’s drenched in super brightrgbs but last year they had equipped this system with the amd 5000 series cpus which were very fast but this yearthey swapped those out and they wentwith intel they’re going with 12th genintel and i think it’s because that justgives you the best possible frame ratelike i haven’t been allowed to benchmarkthese things these are engineeringsamples but it makes you think right ifthey’re going for a device where everyframe matters on like you know 360 hertzscreens they would go with the fastestpossible cpu and clearlythey went with intel for a reasoni’m just saying now the screen is stilla 300 hertz panel on the 15 inch modelbut this year it has a mux switch nownormally i don’t get too sweaty aboutmock switches on devices just becausethe games that we’re playing plus theresolutions we’re playing it doesn’tmake a huge difference for a lot ofgames but on this device i mentioned itlast year because this is that type ofmachine and it’s for people playingthose types of games where muck switchesmake a huge difference so finally has itthank goodness and because it’s an intelchip it’s got thunderbolt it’s got allthe intel stuff uh the keyboard is alsosomething that has been tweaked thisyear so last year they had anoptomechanical keyboard which i thoughtfelt nice but it bumped up the price ofthat machine it was too expensive itpriced itself out of the competitionbecause so many other companies couldoffer something similar in terms ofperformance at a better price but it’sgone this year it’s a regular keyboardhopefully a more competitive price andit can be equipped with a 3080 ti that’salso running at higher wattage than theprevious stuffinternally we’ve got two ram slots twodrive slots and you still have theribbon cables you need to detach fromthe motherboard which i would have likedto see them switch to a more elegantsolution like some kind of pogo pins orsomething so you don’t have to unplugstuff every time but there you have itthe strix and scar g15 okaynext up oh man this is a really cooldevice so i did the briefing for thisthing like two or three weeks ago and iremember thinking okay it’s kind of coolbut i want to see it in person and i get it in person it’s like oh my god.

The ROG Z13 (The Best Asus Laptops for 2022)

This tome is the coolest gaming device that asus has put out in several years sothis isa gaming tablet for lack of a better term it is a tablet that has a very capable cpu and gpu inthere but it’s only 12 millimeters thinand i actually think this is going to bethe world’s thinnest device that has the i9 12 900k in it it’s super powerful fora tablet it comes with a keyboard and ifyou want to you can connect this thingto an external gpu so you can use theproprietary asus connection like that xgmobile connection that we saw fromprevious generations it’ll connect rightup to here or because it’s an intel chipwith thunderbolt 4 you can use athunderbolt 4 connection but if youthink about it for a second this type ofproduct like a 12 millimeter thicktablet with an intel i9 chip in it wouldhave been impossible before like can youimagine like there’s no way you couldget a product this thin that had an i9at least one that was cooled properlyright it was impossible before and theyhave one now i get it in i plug it upand i’m blown away like it’s so weird tosee overwatch running at over 120 framesper second on a tablet like that’s justnot a thing and now it is the fans werealso surprisingly quiet like they’reright on the back of the system and youwould assume that on a device like thisthat’s got a powerful chip in it thefans have to be running at full tiltjust to keep this thing from catching onfire right but it’s quiet like notsilent but i don’t know my guess is 3035 decibels it’s a quiet systemi don’t know how long it can maintain aboost clock again i’m not benchmarkingand testing this stuff i’m just likeplaying a casual game of overwatch butyeah man this thing isit’s something special now on the backyou have this kickstand so you canposition the screen to whatever anglethat you’d like and there’s also thisred rubber tab to help you pop it up ina kind of easier fashion there’s also acamera for the people that areinterested in photography with theirtablet but there’s alsothesignature aesthetic on this thing it’sthis window that looks right into thepcb of the system now it looks likethere’s some kind of shielding with adesign on it and i think it’s a nicetouch to have this rgb lit window it’spretty cool howeverthere is a bit of aissue with this thing so if you use thistablet and you’re carrying it around youhave to place it down like if you restit on the table window side up like itjust has to be that way because if youput it in a regular manner like this ishow i normally put like a surfaceproductthere’s a wobble to it and you run therisk of scratching the window or thesurface that it’s on sorainbowsupto the sky i do think it’s like youcould you know you could be like walkingin class and some dudes like hey manthat’s a nice microsoft surface you gotthere hell no dude i’m a gamerbecause it’s all about the gaming windowokay uh the keyboard so this is adetachable magnetically attachedkeyboard and it feels really good type’snice it’s got a lot of travel it’s gotrgb lighting and the front of it has thealcantara finish that you would see withmost of the surface keyboards but thewhole package is way cooler than ithought it would be it’s such a neatdevice and i feel like if i wasn’tmaking youtube videos and like it didn’tneed a powerful gpu for my system like i would strongly consider picking this thing up okay there you have it the z13 okay next up we have.

The duo 16 (The Best Asus Laptops for 2022)

It’s been tweaked a lot so this year thatthe  second screen on theinsidee doesn’t just pop up it also slides back to bring it closer tothat mainn screen and if this reallycool mechanismm that does it it’s super smoothies pops up and it slides it back andthe purposee of pushing that screen back isto get it closer to the main screenso there’ss just a more seamless visual experience between the primary screen and the secondary screen now this year there’s also the option of a miniled mainn panel so you get highercontrast ratioss and there’s also the inclusion of a webcam up top this year now interms off performance it gets up toanaRTXx 3080ti but it’s also runningandd 6000 series cpus uh that is the duo 16 but remember because it’s got that secondary screen the keyboard is always shifted down and you also have the trackpad on the right with its cool number pad feature.

last but not least are these four devices now i think that these will probably be the best selling of the asus lineup because these are kind of priced and geared towards that entry level to mid tier market these are the A15 the F15 as well as the dash F15 now let’s start off with.

The A15 and F15 (The Best Asus Laptops for 2022)

A stands for and equipped ones F stands for intel equipped ones and what’s interesting about all four of them is that they share the same kind ofchassis and design but they will changethe thickness of the bottom paneldepending on the thermal requirements ofthe device and i think it helps to keep the cost down like by sharing so many components across the different productlines there’s a lot of what i would imagine to be safe cost which hopefully passed down to the consumer now last year they came out with the dash F15 and this was a white device that is arguably the best looking laptop that has ever existed but that thing had a four core cpu thatjust did not make sense for a 1700 gaming laptop but they were willing to toss that thing out the window and replace it with the new F50 and it comes in black and it comes in white now it’s no longer fully metalit’s got a metal top panel, it’s got plastic on the inside but the overall product is so much better than what they had last year and i swear asus i haven’t tested this stuff or bench marked it i mean that’s the thing i have to say right but i’m i’m excited and i feel like this year if you’re a viewer that’s been like looking for a new laptop you have someone that’s like three four years old this is a really good year to get in on devices okay hope you guys enjoyed this article.

(The Best Asus Laptops for 2022)

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