Akbar V makes a diss track against Cardi B.

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Akbar V makes a diss track against Cardi B.
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Akbar V makes a diss track against Cardi B, upon entering the studio.

Akbar V rose to fame on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Prior to joining the show, Akbar had a very high profile feud with Tommie. During that period of time, Tommie was the star of the show. For two years, Tommie and Akbar V had beef that didn’t make the show. In 2018, Akbar joined the show, and had the onscreen confrontation with Tommie.

Akbar V was already well known on the Atlanta hip hop scene. When she was joining the show, Akbar had songs with 21 Savage, among others. After that, Akbar V began her time on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” She would remain with the show for two years, even bringing Kandi back for a cameo, before quietly exiting during the lockdown.

Akbar V  have become famous simpy because Nicki Minaj delivered her to  “amazing Freaky woman” remix. After Nicki Minaj dropped the remix, the people began pitting her and Cardi B against each different. Out of this, Akbar V and Cardi B began beefing. Matters were given out of hand, whilst Cardi B reshared an vintage video of Akbar with a man. Even as the fanatics have loved the social media antics, Akbar V is now preparing to include a diss track.

Diss Track Source: Pop Crave

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